January Library Update


It’s a new year and your High School library is here for you. Come by to relax and explore during your studies, lunch, and before and after school.

The current craft is vintage book page snowflakes. Find it in the back of the library along with the perler bead supplies.

SORA now has magazines along with audiobooks and ebooks for leisure reading. Download the SORA app onto your mobile device, sign in with your Weston gmail account, find the Commonwealth Ebook Collection, and then choose Weston High for books and magazines on demand, for free.

Did you make a goal to read more in 2024? Come to the library because we have so many fascinating new books for you. Browse the New Books Guide for a complete list. Do you want us to buy a certain book for the library? Let the librarians know and we will take care of it.

A media literacy tip for January 2024: when reading or viewing video, news, websites and social media, take a moment to notice and name your emotions. Does a video use language and images that make you angry? Does a social media post make you feel bad about yourself? Do you feel close to an influencer on social media with whom you have never met or communicated? When you read the news do you feel anxious or overwhelmed? When you take the time to notice your emotions your critical evaluation skills will get sharper and inflammatory media won’t take charge of your brain and heart .

We look forward to seeing you in the library!

Mrs. Hanson and Ms. Lockwell, your librarians 🙂