Canceled:Weston K-12 Science Department Astronomy Night

Sadly, after several days of really nice weather (particularly for mid-March), the forecast for Friday, March 15th calls for rain followed by cloudy conditions into the evening. This means that Astronomy Night will be canceled. However, do not despair, as Astronomy Night will return in the autumn of 2024 (mid-October). In the meantime, watch for the total solar eclipse (only partial here in Weston) on Monday, April 8th AND watch the night sky for T Coronae Borealis, a star 3,000 lightyears distant, that is expected to become visible to the unaided eye when it undergoes a periodic nova (once every 80 years) sometime between February and September of 2024. Keep looking up!


Dr. Stephen Ribisi
Science Department Head 6-12