WHS Fractal Fair Thursday, March 14 6:30pm – 8pm in the WHS Library

Fractal Fair

What is a “fractal”? What is the “butterfly effect” and what does it have to do with chaos theory? How does fractal geometry influence cancer research? How does our circulatory system relate to fractals? And what does fractal music sound like? How are landscapes in animation created using fractals? How can fractals and chaos theory help us understand trees, snowflakes, clouds, lightning, and even drugs in our brain? You can find out answers to all these questions and more at our Fractal Fair 2024!

For the last two months, students in Honors Precalc have been hard at work on their fractal projects, doing extensive research and creating their own products related to fractals, iteration, and chaos theory. There will be live demos, activities, music, etc. About 80 students are involved in this fractal fair with approximately 28 group projects.