WHS March Library Update

dog reading

Your library is here to amuse and delight you through the blustery end of winter. Come visit!

Your pet likes to read!

Wouldn’t it be nice to visit your pet in school? If you send us pics of your pet reading we will decorate the library with them. Create a poster in a design program like Canva or send us a snapshot. Elaborate or simple are both good. Send jpegs or pngs to hansona@weston.org.

New craft: Duct tape pouches

Make a duct tape pouch for yourself or someone else. Use it for a pencil case, a change purse, a wallet. We have lots of material for you to decorate your new pouch. You can find materials and directions in the back of the library near the Collab.

New books and collections

Looking for a book to read? We have a new Romance section! You can also browse new books and collection in person in the library or online.

Media literacy game: The Conspiracy Test

It’s easy to fall for conspiracy theories. Learn why we are attracted to them and develop healthy skepticism about them on this gamified interactive platform:

This project is a collaboration between The School of Thought and The University of Queensland Critical Thinking Project with philanthropic support from Gabriel Weinberg and Pskydin from Metal Warrior, and advice from Professor Sander van der Linden at the Social Decision-Making Lab in the Department of Psychology at the University of Cambridge, and Brendan Nyhan, the James O. Freedman Presidential Professor, Department of Government, Dartmouth College.

See you soon!

Mrs. Hanson and Ms. Lockwell