SEA Tree-Plenish Tree Sale

Tree-Plenish Sale: The Students for Environmental Action (SEA) club is running a tree planting event in April. Families can order American Sycamore, River Birch, and/or Yellow Poplar saplings to plant in their yards.

Volunteers can also help plant trees on town grounds. This event will help Weston offset its carbon output from the last school year, but will also help bring the community together with a fun event, and will beautify Weston with some new greenery. It also gives people an opportunity to save some money; a tree at Home Depot would be over $30, but each of our saplings is $5! You can order your trees here.

Orders are due by 3/27, and pickup will be on 4/20 at Land’s Sake Farm. There will also be a limited number of trees available for purchase in person on 4/20.

If you are not interested in planting a tree at your home, SEA welcomes donations to support tree planting in town. You can donate via cash, check, or by clicking this link.

tree plenish 3/19