DECA International Career Development Conference

DECAWe have come to the end of another year of Weston DECA and it was one of the best to date. The International Career Development Conference (ICDC) concluded May 1, 2024. 23,000 students and advisors descended upon Anaheim, CA for four days of competitions and academies. Weston took eleven students (the most ever) with 6 of these students competing in events.






The following 2 teams made it to the finals in their category.  Meaning they finished in the top 20 out of over 200 teams from all over the country!


Nate Ko & Chris Nie            (Hospitality & Tourism Operations Research)

Susan Shu & Keion Jalinous         (School Based Enterprise)


These students listed below attended the conference:


Max Burd & Siyang Ding                         School Based Enterprise-Retail

Susan Shu & Keion Jalinous                   School Based Enterprise-Food

Nate Ko & Chris Nie                                  Hospitality & Tourism Operations Research

Joseph Scaparrotta & Jae Iyengar          Thrive Leadership Academy

Gabe Bley, Farrah Zerola,                         Elevate Leadership Academy

& Andrew Kim


The final results will not be available for a few weeks, but all of our students were outstanding representatives of Weston.


A special shoutout to our executive board: Max Burd, Siyang Ding, Chloe Zhong, Caleb Graupera, Andrew Kim, & Nate Ko.  Our membership grew by 50% and we had more students than ever qualify for our State Competition.  The bar is high for next year.

-Kelly Flynn


Business Education Teacher

Weston High School