update 9/9/2021

Hi All,
    I just wanted to reach out to let everyone know about some wonderful changes to the Compass Program this year. For people who are new or unfamiliar with the Compass Program, it is a transitional program (4-12 weeks), primarily for students who have been out of school for a significant period of time due to hospitalization, school avoidance, medical, and other various reasons. We also have preventive students who may not have missed school but seem to be having severe difficulty and need the mental health and academic support with the hopes of transitioning out of needing the support long term. These students go through the IST process before entering the program.
Things That Are New This Year: 
First off, our classroom moved to room 201! We now have a larger space to accommodate more students. Please stop by anytime to say hello and ask questions you might have about the program. Second big news is, the program was lucky enough to hire a learning assistant Sarah Chandler who will be taking over the academic coordinating. This means she will be working a lot with teachers on figuring out what assignments need to be made up, keeping track of student progress, and coordinating anything else that might come up for students in their classes. I will also be having a Counseling Intern this year Elise Carlson, who will be in the building on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. We are looking forward to the Compass staff being able to support students and teachers as we navigate their transition back to school. Any feedback as we move forward on how best to support you would be greatly appreciated as we adapt the program to both the student and teachers needs.

Compass Program Overview: The Weston High School Compass Program provides students faced with medical, mental health, and social-emotional challenges with a safe, structured space and integrated short-term (6-12 weeks)  therapeutic and academic supports as they work towards fully accessing the general curriculum.

Compass Core Services:

  • Direct clinical supports to students: Intentional/planned clinical supports, on-demand supports; crisis intervention when needed
  • Academic coordination: Collaboration with a student’s teachers to modify assignments for the student to demonstrate sufficient mastery to accrue credit, facilitate direct teacher support with the student as needed
  • Family engagement: Consistent communication with parents/guardians about student progress, needs, learning, and opportunities for family engagement
  • Care coordination:  Consultation/collaboration with all in-school supports and collateral providers

Phases of the Compass Program 

Phase 1: ADMISSION(1-2 Days): Compass staff will help facilitate meetings with students’s teachers in the Compass room. During this time they will be discussing what material needs to be made-up and when an appropriate time would be to begin attending classes. 

Phase 2: Gradual Re-Entry(10 School Days):During this phase students will begin to gradually attend their classes with the goal of resuming back to their full academic schedule. 

Phase 3: Increase Independence (Individualized time frame): Students will be consistently attending all their academic classes, caught up on make-up material, and keeping up with current assignments.  

Phase 4: Graduation :Student has demonstrated adequate improvement in emotional well-being, academics, and attendance or has been referred for testing. Exit Meeting: During this time there will be a formal meeting to discuss supports and strategies upon graduation of the program.

 Bridge for Resilient Youth in Transition (BRYT)

Download (PDF, 5.28MB)