Academic Planning and Course Selection Meetings

Course recommendations will post in student Infinite Campus Backpacks in early February depending on the student’s grade. Counselors will meet with students and enter course requests on the following days, and high school students should stop by in the morning they are available to meet to sign up for a time:

In February, high school students meet with counselors in person for academic planning, to review choices and to enter course requests: Class of 2025 students 2/6, 2/8 and 2/12; Class of 2026 students 2/13, 2/14 and 2/15; and Class of 2027 students 2/26, 2/27 and 2/28. Class of 2028 (current grade 8 students) submit the Course Request Form to Middle School Guidance by 2/16. Eighth grade students will be meeting with the high school counselor they will have throughout high school on 2/29 and 3/1 at WMS.

Students should be able to view their course enrollments for 2024-25 in June, prior to the end of school. Please be aware that the courses may not include all of your first choice course requests. This is the case if your first-choice course either did not fit into your schedule or was full. If so, every effort was made to include courses you listed as alternates. In some cases, a PE or other elective not in your requests or alternates may have been the only course available to get to the minimum 33.5 credit requirement. Scheduling is also limited by space available in the courses. 

Other important notes about course lists:

  • Physical Education: Sophomores and juniors who have participated in MIAA interscholastic fall or winter sports this year are eligible to  request a PE “sports substitution” for next year, and is noted on the course recommendations. Students who opt out commit to participating in sports next year, and if they do not, will be placed in a PE class for the spring semester. Even if eligible for the sports substitution, juniors and seniors may choose to take PE. Note that if you participate only in a spring sport, you will need to request a PE course until your counselor is notified by the Athletic Office that you are eligible to opt out.
  • Not being placed in a course for which you requested an override is not a mistake. As overrides are placed on a space available basis, there is still a chance that you may be placed in the override course before school starts or if spots open in the first rotation of the school year. Bear in mind that if there is summer work required for the course, you must have completed the required summer work in order to be placed in the course. If summer work is not completed, you will not be placed in the requested course. However, completing the summer work does not guarantee placement. See the library website for summer work for AP courses. 
  • Classes may be full. As a result, you will have limited ability to modify your schedule after the start of the school year. If you want to request a change to your courses, you must complete the “Summer Course Change Form” which will be made available in June. Change requests will be made in the order they are received. The form needs to be completed even if you have a conversation with your counselor prior to the end of the school year. All course change requests will be addressed over the summer.
  • While the minimum number of credits required for the year is 33.5, enrolling in fewer than 35.5 credits will result in one semester with 5-8 study halls or free blocks per rotation. If you want to request an additional elective, please complete the “Summer Course Change Form.” Seats in courses may be limited, but your counselor will try to accommodate your request or find a suitable substitute.
  • Most AP classes require the completion of summer assignments BEFORE the start of school. See the library website for the AP assignments.

Schedules will be available to view in the Infinite Campus portal in late August and are given to students on the first day of school or at orientation for incoming new students.

Independent Study Program

Non-departmental credit is awarded for independent studies completed under the supervision of a member of the faculty or other qualified advisor. The purpose of these studies is to allow students to engage in work outside of the standard curriculum in an area of special interest. Independent studies may include creative projects, working as a teaching assistant, or academic research. Projects may be semester- or year-long. An Independent Study Application is required. Speak to your school counselor for more information.

Academic Programs Outside Weston High School

Credit Recovery/Summer School

Students who fail a required course must regain those lost credits in one of the following ways:

  1. Repeating the course in the next school year
  2. Taking an approved online course that represents the required curriculum for the WHS course
  3. Taking an approved summer school class that represents the required curriculum for the WHS course

Students who wish to regain credit over the summer (via options 2 or 3 above) must complete all required work and obtain a final grade for the course indicating that the credit has been earned prior to the first day of school in the fall. An official transcript is required unless you are enrolled in an Educere course. If this has not occurred prior to that first day of school, the student will be placed in the failed course to repeat it instead.

Some summer school programs and courses have been pre-approved for credit recovery. Click here for a summary. Discuss the options with your school counselor.

Requesting Credit for Courses Taken Outside Weston High School

Weston High School supports the exploration of off-campus educational programs, including online courses, college and university extension programs, global learning experiences, and other opportunities to learn outside the traditional classroom. At the same time we also believe that a Weston High School diploma should be awarded primarily on the basis of courses taught by Weston High School faculty and assessed according to Weston High School standards. See the Program of Studies section relating to non-WHS credit opportunities, and if interested, see your school counselor.

Vocational High School

Some students are looking for an alternative program that incorporates both academic and vocational study. Minuteman Regional High School offers both a complete high school experience as well as after-school programs. See your school counselor to discuss whether this option is right for you.