As part of Weston High School comprehensive guidance program, there are courses covering career, college and post-secondary exploration. Beginning with Career Exploration in the sophomore year and ending with the Senior Internship, students will learn to assess their personality and skills to evaluate professional opportunities, learn how to search for and obtain employment and gain on the job experience. Guidance Department seminars are aimed at helping students achieve their post-secondary goals, whether it be to prepare for college or other opportunities.

Syllabi, course assignments, documents and related information are available in Naviance.

Career Exploration Seminar — This course offers sophomores the opportunity to explore their strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and interests in relation to possible career and college choices. Exploration will include interest inventories, self-exploration assignments, occupational research, exploration of labor market trends, speakers, and job shadowing opportunities.

Guidance Seminar 11 — This course is aimed at helping students achieve their post-high school goals. This pass/fail course is designed to assist all juniors with their planning for post-secondary education and other opportunities. The course meets once per rotation. Students will break down all aspects of the post-graduate planning process into more manageable steps. Students will develop an activity list, practice interviewing, research colleges, continue to explore possible career interests, and develop a timeline to manage all the testing and application deadlines. There is time built in for individual meetings with student’s guidance counselor.

Guidance Seminar Classwork

College Admissions Resources

College Guidance Network offers high-quality resources for high school counselors, students, and families.
Our programming is constantly evolving and designed to:
Bring experts in higher education and admissions into the homes of students and their families
Cover key topics including the best school fit, navigating financial aid and college affordability, crafting admissions essays, or exploring post high school career opportunities

College Admissions Seminars

New England Area Regional Representatives (NEARR) is looking forward to deliver a series of Admissions Bootcamp webinars for students and their supporters! We are eager to share our knowledge and assist you in supporting the needs of your Junior, Sophomore and even Freshman classes.
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