Weston Public Schools is committed to non-tolerance for harassment on the basis of race, gender, gender identity, color, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity/national origin, age or disability in compliance with Federal and State equal opportunity laws. 

Participation in extra-curricular clubs and student government can be a rewarding and meaningful educational experience that enhances a child’s secondary education.  It is important that students realize the time demands, responsibility, dedication and sacrifices required when making this kind of commitment. The following information defines the extra-curricular policies and procedures for all students participating in our High School activities.  We hope this document provides parents and students with a better understanding of our philosophy, goals, and policies. Please refer to the following information when a question about your child’s extra-curricular experience arises.

The Extra-Curricular Activities program at Weston High School directly supports the mission statement of the school in that it:

  1. Challenges students to excellence in academic, civic, cultural, and recreational pursuits;
  2. Promotes a climate of respect, support, and appreciation for community;
  3. Provides students with opportunities to grow and develop new skills in the unique environment that is a school;
  4. Affords the students leadership opportunities that call on and help develop collaborative skills;
  5. Allows students an alternative to the traditional athletic program;
  6. Endeavors to provide an outlet for inter-class contact and communication, thereby building a sense of community within our community


Cynthia Brisky, Activities Director

Student Activities Office- 781-786-5846

I) Standards for Participation

In order to participate in extra-curricular activities all students must meet the following minimum requirements:

• students must fulfill student learning time requirements
• students must be passing four full-time courses (meeting 4 or 5 blocks per cycle)
• students must submit a confirmation of receipt and understanding of this handbook, including the Drug and Alcohol Policy, signed by both parent and student leader to be held on file (part H)

*The High School Administration may also declare a student ineligible for extra-curricular activities if they judge the student’s behavior to be contrary to the standards of the school. In addition, a student must meet all attendance rules to participate in an after school activity, club/team or program.

II) Program Goals

Though the unique nature of each activity dictates its specific objectives, all activities will attempt to

• Emphasize the development of leadership skills, resilience, engagement, integrity, and responsibility.
• Allow as many students as possible to participate and share the experience and benefits derived from club/team membership.
• Work collaboratively with the community as well as compete with neighboring schools on an academic and physical/athletic level.

Note: Participation in Student Government is decided in a democratic fashion; any student who meets eligibility requirement may run for office. Only those who are elected by their peers will hold office.

III) Extra-Curricular Offerings

Club membership is accepted for most clubs on an ongoing basis, a few clubs which are competitive cease accepting members after the initial meeting due to competition requirements. All questions regarding membership should be directed to the club advisor or officers; contacts for each club can be found at westonschools.org on the extra-curricular page under “Clubs and Activities” or by e-mailing the Director of Student Activities.

Several of our extra-curricular offerings require a competitive spirit, if you are looking to get involved on a competitive level (yet not as intense as varsity athletics) either academically or athletically these options may be for you. Competitive teams compete around New England as well as nationally, competitive teams include: Alpine Ski Team, Chess Club, Computer Science Team, DECA, Dance Team, Debate, Envirothon, Math Team, Quiz Show, Robotics, Science Team, Theater Company, and Town Criers.

Student Government
Student Government offers students the opportunity to get involved in the school community and provides them the opportunity to foster leadership skills and to exercise the democratic process. If you are interested in running for office please refer to the section on elections (part G). All elections are held in the spring for the upcoming school year.

All questions regarding travel abroad programs should be directed to our Global Education Coordinator, Ms. Kim Young. Domestic travel programs are listed in the Extra-Curricular page on westonschools.org; you may contact the advisor of each program from this page.

Current Offerings
Club offerings are updated on a regular basis throughout the year; you can find the most current listing in the menu listing on the left.

The following criteria pertains to those students who try out, audition, are elected, are nominated, or who represent Weston High School in a public forum.

IV) Commitment

Each member of an extra-curricular club/team/council MUST:
• Commit to being present at all activities, including practices, meetings and community events.
• Dedicate himself/herself to becoming an excellent club member and school citizen.
• Demonstrate pride in performance and in himself/herself as a member of a club.

V) Meetings and Events

Club meetings, at a minimum, are held for approximately 40 minutes each Wednesday during Activity Block, or as appropriate to the activity. Some meetings and events may be held after school and/or on weekends. Meeting schedules should be discussed with advisors of each club before membership commitments are articulated. Any member, who must be late or miss meetings or events, must confer with his/her advisor in advance.

Below are the events that have been hosted by each class in previous years. Use this as a guide for ideas; Attendance at the Student Leadership Conference, Spring Fling, a class community service project, as well as any bold items are mandatory tasks, the rest are traditional but optional and should be discussed with your perspective officers, advisors, and classes. Any new events and dates should be cleared with the Director of Student Activities before they are booked to check for conflicts and availability!

Freshman Year:
Freshman Orientation BBQ
Potluck Supper for Freshman And Their Parents
Attend Student Leadership Conference
Ice Skating
Harbor Cruise
Movie Night
Selected Community Service Project
Booth at Spring Fling On Town Green
Red Sox Game
End-of-Year Outing-Six Flags

Sophomore Year:
Opening Class Bonding Event
Attend Student Leadership Conference
Harbor Cruise
Haunted House
Six Flags
Spring Semi-Formal
Selected Community Service Project
Booth at Spring Fling On Town Green-Car Wash
Prom Day Car Wash
Graduation Reception Set-up and Serving
Selection of Third Parent Advisor
End-of-Year Outing

Junior Year:
Attend Student Leadership Conference
Selected Community Service Project
Booth at Spring Fling on Town Green
Bake Sales
Winter Outing
Junior Prom
Flowers for Graduation
End-of-Year Outing

Senior Year:
Opening Senior Boot
Thanksgiving Pancake Breakfast
Attend Student Leadership Conference
Selected Community Service Project
Booth at Spring Fling on Town Green-Dunk Tank
Snack Shack at Home Football Games
Car Show Weekend Car Wash
Holiday Party
Special Olympics Basketball Tournament
Senior Banquet
Speeches for Class Day and Graduation
Class Day/Awards Night
Graduation Mystery Trip

Student Council:
Monthly assembly planning
Kids Night Out
Community Service Project
Spring Fling
Council Bonding Event

This list is not comprehensive but aimed at providing an overview of each year for new officers. If you notice inconsistencies or events that have changed hands please let me know via e-mail so I can adjust this list for next year.

VI) Absence Policy

Unexcused absences from meetings or events may jeopardize retaining a position within the club/team/council. Please discuss absence policies with individual advisors as needed.

VII) Elected Officers

(Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers, Co-Presidents and Emcees)

Student Government Officers are elected by peers and/or nominated by faculty (selected positions). Prior to elections, advisors will inform candidates of the criteria and obligations of student office at set election meetings. The position of student officer is one of honor, leadership, and responsibility. As a result, students serving in that capacity are expected to conduct themselves in an exemplary manner both in and outside of school. Any student who is involved in a violation of WHS rules and regulations (including the WHS Chemical Health Rule) resulting in a suspension from school, or any student who is found to be involved with drugs, alcohol, weapons, or crimes outside of school will risk losing the ability to serve as an officer or to be appointed or elected to the position of officer of any school sponsored club/council/society for the period of one calendar year. Any sitting officer of a WHS club/team council may have that position rescinded and will be ineligible to serve for a period of one calendar year.

VIII) Leader-Advisor Relationship:

Participation in extra-curricular programming should be an enjoyable experience for all parties involved be they student, advisor, or parent. There is no doubt that participation tends to be emotionally charged and dealing constructively with these emotions can be an excellent learning experience. In most cases, government duties and activities are extremely positive and complement the educational experience enjoyed by students at WHS. Occasionally, conflicts between advisors and students arise. These conflicts must be addressed and resolved immediately so that the many benefits of extra-curricular involvement may continue to contribute to the emotional and physical growth of WHS student-leaders.

If at any time a student-leader or parent desires to lodge a complaint or discuss an alleged conflict, the following protocol should be observed:

1. Contact the immediate advisor involved through the Student Activities Office. For example, Freshmen Class would contact the Freshman Advisor.
2. If the conflict is not suitably resolved, contact the Director of Student Activities.
4. If the conflict is not suitably resolved, contact the High School Principal.
5. If the conflict is not suitably resolved, contact the Superintendent of Schools.

IX) Respectful Environment:

WHS expects all parties present at an extra-curricular events to display the highest possible level of respect. Students, teachers, and participants should treat each other, the administration, and the supervising volunteers with respect at all times. Those students in attendance who do not adhere to standards of a respectful environment may be asked to leave the event and/or be prohibited from future events.

X) Final Message

We urge you to support Student Activities by:
• Attending student events and fundraisers
• Encouraging all students to get involved in extra-curricular events regardless of their role
• Volunteering to assist whenever possible, PTO keeps a list of parents who would like to volunteer. Sign-up on the PTO website or when you renew PTO membership