fishingOfficers: Ryan Mcinerney, Teddy Pomianek

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Fehl

Location and meeting time: Activity block-HS pond

As kids in Weston most of us were introduced to the pastime of fishing the same way: fishing in the annual derby at the High School pond in support of the firefighters. These fond memories inspired Bass Fishing Club. At Bass Fishing Club we are open to all anglers at all levels of experience. At our club you can learn to fish recreationally or competitively. Above our passion for fishing comes our desire to preserve local ponds for future generations. Every meeting we make it a mission to pick up every piece of trash we see as we circle the pond and catch big fish.

For more information or to join our club:

Email: Club officer Ryan McInerney: 24mcinerneyr@weston.org

Join Google Classroom: hluvry7

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