e sports

  • Video gaming offers an interactive platform where folks can learn about working with others, self management, emotional health, and discipline. As well as strengthen a range of cognitive skills such as spatial navigation, reasoning, memory and perception.
  • Engages students to help connect with their peers and learn important social and emotional learning. 
  • Develops coaching, leadership and team working skills in both gaming and with the  Clubs scope and processes.
  • Sense of belonging and an opportunity to represent their schools in local and national competitions.  
  • Possibility to earn a college scholarship
Purpose: To connect students of all ages at Weston High School through casual and competitive video games.Our goal is to build a comfortable community for everybody, and provide students with the freedom to have fun.
Sample of club activities: This club is focused on gaming and is not strictly dedicated to e-sports, however, we will help students register for events and tournaments while helping people improve their skills and achieve higher ranks. We hope to build students’ networks through this club as well.
Where: Mr Barber’s Room
When: Any Time
We are open to new members

Faculty Advisors: Mr. Barber Mr. Sanford

Officers: Thomas Li, Robbie Walmsley

Meeting time and location: Activity block and afterschool Room 17