Theodore Chandler Memorial Award. This award is presented annually to the senior boy and girl who best exemplifies the following 3 qualities: athletic accomplishment, scholarship and school spirit. This award is considered one of our most prestigious school awards.  These 3 sport athletes who receive this award have exhibited tremendous athletic fortitude, excelled in the classroom and have been true leaders for teams. Stella Alphas / Casey Shay

John S. Proctor Award: This is given in his memory for athletic achievement, leadership and sportsmanship. John Proctor was a teacher, coach, athletic director and above all a friend to Weston students for 34 years.  When John Proctor arrived in Weston in 1934 there were 3 sports offered at the high school.  Today we offer 28 at the high school and 12 at the middle school. He was instrumental in building this well-rounded program. The John S. Proctor Award is given annually to both a male and female athlete who has excelled athletically in one or more sports at the high school. Hannah Brown & Christina Costa / Dale Nickerson

Father Graf Award:

This award is given annually in memory of Father Graf who was a parish priest at St. Julia’s here in Weston in honor of his tremendous spirit. Father Graff took great interest in the youth of Weston.  Always cheering on Weston sports teams at all levels. His presence inspired the spirit of all Weston teams and the spectators attending contest. This award represents four years of extraordinary school spirit Nick White & Ben Agreste / Lydia O’Connor

Peter J Foley ICE Award & Scholarship:

This award was instituted 27 years ago in honor of former Weston High School Athletic Director Pete Foley. This award embodies all that Pete stands for and what he wanted for his athletes while here in Weston.  The initials – ICE stand for: INVOLVEMENT – COMMITMENT and EXCELLENCE.  The recipients of this award have exemplified the ideals of what Pete envisioned this award to stand for: Gillian Reeder / Tyler Morris

The Nancy Healey “Unsung Hero” Award: is given to a senior field hockey player who has committed herself to the program.  Nancy Healey was a long time freshman coach here at Weston High School, who’s commitment and knowledge of the game of field hockey went beyond most freshmen coaches.   Nancy’s impact on the sport may have went unnoticed by some, but never by those who knew her or had her as a coach. The Nancy Healey Unsung Hero Award is presented to a senior Field Hockey player who has exemplified these same qualities. Ryley Kenyon

Hobey Baker Award: In 2003 the Hobey Baker High School Character Award was established to honor high school hockey players who exemplify the Hobey Baker ideal that “Character Builds Excellence.” Candidates for a High School Hobey Baker Award are selected by their coaches, based on the following criteria:
*    Integrity and positive attitude
*     Coachability
*     Outstanding sportsmanship * community spirit Michele Ewanouski / Greg Nemrow

Andrew Pastor Memorial Award: Andy Pastor was an accomplished tennis player here are at Weston High School.  Andy always displayed sportsmanship to his opponents and leadership to his fellow teammates. He was dedicated to always improving as a player and worked hard to accomplish his tennis goals. Andrew passed in 1988 and this Memorial Award was established to recognize both a male and female senior tennis player who display the same passion as Andrew did towards tennis. Pastor Park located just outside the tennis courts was also established in honor of Andy and is used frequently by players and spectators alike. Olivia Lathrop / Masaki Nawa

Payson Corbiere Memorial Award & Scholarship:

Payson Corbiere was an accomplished swimmer.  He had a fun loving attitude and zest for life. He was an all-scholastic in high school and an all-american in college.  While in 7th grade he contracted the HIV virus through a blood transfusion; however that did not stop him from excelling in the water. His heart and determination was second to none. The recipient of this award will exhibit many of these same qualities. There is a bench in his honor in the hallway of the middle school by the ramp to the pool. It’s a great tribute to Payson. Juan Cotes

Joseph Naughton Memorial Award is given annually in track to both a male and female track standout.  This award recognizes both determination and dedication to the sport of track and field. Joe Naughton was an incredible athlete and former Chandler Award winner. He held the state and new England shot put record for 30 years and is a member of the Massachusetts Track and Field Hall of Fame. Sulita Feinblum / Lukas Muzila

Tucky Gee Memorial Award:  This Memorial Award is given annually to a soccer player who has demonstrated tremendous fortitude, determination and sportsmanship.  Which reflect the qualities of Thomas “Tucky” Gee a former Weston high School soccer standout. This student-athlete must be committed to always putting the team first ahead of personal accolades. Devon Parker / Brian Hall & Adrian Hadley

Peter Condakes Memorial Award & Scholarship: Peter Condakes was an accomplished basketball player here at Weston High School before taking his basketball talent to Harvard University. While at Weston he led his teams to two consecutive sectional championships and set a Weston high School varsity scoring record. Peter had passion for both basketball and academics and his determination on the court and in the classroom was impressive. Rachel Garofalo / Junior Uga

Each year our coaches nominate student-athletes who they think represent Weston High School with tremendous Sportsmanship. These student-athletes are recognized with an MIAA Sportsmanship framed certificate

Stephen G. Howard Award & Scholarship

This award recognizes 3-sport athletes who have displayed motivation and dedication throughout their high school careers. These athletes have been persistent in their pursuit of success, team-focused, and receptive to coaching and reflect the type of student-athlete Steve Howard would love to coach Caitlyn Tabors / Clay Mullen

United States Army Scholar Athlete Award – The US Army Scholar Athlete Awards are given each year to both a male and female Weston High School senior student-athlete who have excelled on the field while keeping high academic standards. These student-athletes must have exhibited great sportsmanship during the course of their high school careers and been true leaders both on and off the field. Emma Inouye / Jackson Rogers

United State Marine Corps Athletic Award:  Each year the US Marines Award two “medals” to both a male and female senior student-athlete for their outstanding academic and athletic accomplishments over the course of their high school careers. This prestigious award embodies all the ideals of being student-athlete Katherine Nardone / Will Markmann

Robert Chruz DCL Sportsmanship Award:  Robert Chruz was a longtime Athletic Director at Newton South High School.  Mr. Chruz is someone who has always embraced the ideals of Sportsmanship.  Each year the Dual County League awards a male and female from each school with this award.  These individuals must be student-athletes who possess great sportsmanship on all levels. Nellie Wisnia / Patrick Rhatigan

 MIAA Sportsmanship certificates 

Wildcat Pride Awards. These were established 6 years ago to recognize athletes who have accumulated a varsity letter from freshman through senior year (12 in total). It is quite an accomplishment.Tyler Morris, Hayley Levin, Kelcie Levin, Gillian Reeder