Superintendent's Office
Superintendent Cheryl Maloney is pleased to announce the selection of Ms. Jennifer Faber as the new Woodland School Principal beginning July 1, 2015.
Superintendent's Office
By registering before the end of this school year, you will receive the 2015-16 School Calendar/Directory AND e-calendar download in August. Your support ensures that the PTO can continue important efforts on behalf of our students and families
School Committee
As another school year ends, consider purchasing a WEEFC STAR in honor of a favorite teacher, counselor, aide or other special person in the WPS who has helped your child along the way.
Superintendent's Office
Superintendent Maloney is pleased to announce the selection of Dr. Marguerite "Midge" Connolly as Director of Student Services for the Weston Public Schools.
School Committee
Dr. Brackett, Interim Superintendent for 2015-2016, will spend Tuesday, May 19 in Weston schools. There will be opportunity for parents, staff and administrators to meet Dr. Brackett. Parent sessions at 9am (Country) & 7PM (HS). Open for full schedule.
High School
All six of our competing team members did very well: juniors Akiva Gordon, Simon Harris, Andrew Li, and Srishti Lulla; and sophomores Kenz Kallal and Steven Wang.
Superintendent's Office
The following candidates will be visiting the district during the next week and a half. Margery Condon on Tuesday, May 5; Jennifer Faber on Friday, May 8; Samantha Headley on Monday, May 11; parent forum at 1pm each of these days.

Staff Recognition Program

On Wednesday, May 6 the Weston Public Schools held its annual Staff Recognition Ceremony where 15% of the staff was feted for either reaching a special anniversary or for retiring.  The event began with two numbers from the recently presented musical The Adams Family, performed by Weston High School students, followed by a speech by Mia Casey, member of WHS class of 2015. The retirees were honored by colleagues in poems, top ten lists, heart-felt remembrances, and tributes to lengthy accomplishments as educators. Each retiree is presented with an engraved teacher’s hand bell as” a symbol of the honorable education profession.

Acknowledged for retiring this year were
Peggy Broekel, Woodland School Kindergarten Instructional Aide
Susan Carey, Country School Grade 3 Teacher
Cynthia Crimmin, Country School Principal
Belinda Davenport, Middle School Special Education Teacher
Richard Escobar, Middle/High School Guidance Department Head
Deborah Gorman, High School Physical Education Teacher
Lisa Hollis, Human Resources Director
Richard Kase, Bus Driver
Laurie Katz, Middle School English Teacher
Cheryl Maloney, Superintendent
Janis Townsend, Woodland School Nurse
Elizabeth Ann Whitney, Country School Grade 1 Teacher
Staff honored for ten years of service to the district are Regina Barbosa, MaryJane Bernazzani, Jon Beverly, Janice Corley, Natalie Davis, Martha Dowd, Theresa Dryden, Carrie Dyball, Alison Gould, Julie Hom-Mandell, Corlene Hosmer, Elaine Hunt, Kathleen Kavaney, Anthony Legaski, Lucy Leyland, Jeffrey Moore, Lorraine Sousa, Chris Stevens, Barbara Van Sickle, Tu Vu, and Christie Wyman.
Staff members honored for 15 years of service are Kathleen Becker, Joan Bigham, Lewis Brooks, Kimberly Burgess, Heather Burns, Elaine Caramanica, Susan Carey, Janet Cinar, Susan Cohen, Mary Gallagher, Lia Hansen, Peter Kidwell, Boris Korsunsky, Heather Lambo, Jason McCarthy, James McLaughlin, Edward McLoughlin, Jessica McKinney, M. Valarie Molyneaux, Kristen Morrison, James Murphy, Lisa Nardone, Cynthia Neal, David Poras, Sheila Robinson, Paula Rozantes, Jennifer Rudolph, Jody Salisbury, Rebecca Scott, Kristen Sheridan, Liliana Smith, Monisha Tasker, Janet Weinstein, Regina Wong, Kari Ann Wye, and Joan Younger.
Staff who have served the district for 20 years received an engraved brass paperweight acknowledging the service. Those employed in the schools for 20 years are Margaret Burns, Patty Ferguson, Robert Lager, Robert Lang, Richard Leger, Therese Provenzano, Mary Louise Rees, Carol Schopfer, Michelle Scott, Diana Sears, Joanne Simon, and Janis Townsend..
The Weston PTO presented engraved silver bowls to staff members (or a donation to WEEFC) to those who have served 25 years:  Carol Hoff, and Dave McGean.  Recognized for 30 years of service and presented with a marble apple were Margaret Allard, Janet Bohlin, and Cheryl Maloney; and for 35 years Laurie Katz received an engraved clock
One staff member, James McAlear, a member of the Facilities Department, was honored for his 40 years with the Weston Public Schools and received a personalized jacket.


Dr. Cheryl Maloney




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Recent Faculty Staff Profiles


Mary Liu, WHS Biology Teacher

Anna Burns, Country School Grade 2 Teacher

Laurie Raskin Katz, WMS English Teacher

Kim Concannon, Elementary Food Services Manager


“…[I]ncorporating…innovative technology may not change the way classes are taught this year, but it has started a revolution in how learning and teaching are being conceptualized. I’m excited to see what is to come from both students and teachers.” — Mary Liu, WHS science teacher and creator of edX’s “Ramp Up for AP Biology” 


Learn more about Mary Liu’s experience in creating and incorporating a new digital technology here.


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Dr. Maloney at the new Field School

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