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As of February 9, the 180th (or last) day of school this year is now scheduled to be TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 2016. This reflects two snow days where school was cancelled.
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Click above to access PowerPoint presented on June 16.
High School
The NAfME All-National Honor Ensembles represent the top performing high school musicians in the United States.
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All parents with children in the Weston Public Schools should have received an email containing instructions and links to join or renew their PTO membership for 2016-17 as well as sign up for volunteer opportunities. Click above for more info.
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Weston was honored for hosting the annual Basketball Qualifier Tournament. We have been participating for 15 years and counting!
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Starting with the 2016-17 membership year, the Weston PTO directory information will be available to members online and/or print, and accessible via computers and mobile devices. Click above if you would like your child's information omitted or to add sec
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Just after April Vacation, many of us were able to view the movie, Beyond Measure, the follow up to Race to Nowhere. At this joint PTO WPS screening, we promised follow up conversations with our greater community. Come join the conversation!

End of Year Message

As this school year draws to a close, I wanted to post one more message to the Weston Community. This one to say thank you and convey my appreciation for the opportunity to serve this school district and town for the 2016-17 school year.


Last July, in my first message in this space, I introduced myself and told you that “my role during this transitional year is to serve in a manner that keeps the district growing and moving forward. You (we) should not expect less than we would if the person in this role had been here for ten years or hired to serve the next ten years.  This has to be a year of continual improvement; we cannot afford to “push in the clutch” and coast.  This is an important year for each of our students.  It’s the only year they will be a senior, or seventh grader or fourth grader or a first grader.  It is an important year for them and thus it is an important year for me.” 


I will leave assessing whether we accomplished this to those who are most knowledgeable – our parents, staff, school committee and, of course, students.  I will share that if we are judged by what our students have accomplished in the classroom, on the stage or concert halls, on the fields, gyms or pools, in the community, or in regional, state and national academic competitions, 2015-16 was a good year.  I am also proud of the number of people who took “Just Start” to heart; who believed that “This really is the Year;” and who helped build memories for our students knowing that these are their ‘good old days’. This was not because of an interim superintendent, it was because of those who really did the heavy lifting, the hard work, and steered things through to a better place.   


There are a number of important things that need to happen for the district to become truly world class.   I’ll miss being a part of that.  Having known new Superintendent Bob Tremblay for a number of years and from working closely with him for a seamless transition on July 1, I am convinced he is the right man, in the right place, at the right time. 


At this stage in my career, to be able to say I had the opportunity to do the work I love, with people I loved to be with, is truly a blessing.  Thank you.


As my grandmother would tell me at the end of each day, it’s time to go see tomorrow,


All the best,


John Brackett


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Public Gift Policy

In compliance with Massachusetts General Law and the State Ethics Commission, Weston employees are forbidden from accepting any work-related personal gifts with a combined value over $50.00.  Read full policy here.


“…[I]ncorporating…innovative technology may not change the way classes are taught this year, but it has started a revolution in how learning and teaching are being conceptualized. I’m excited to see what is to come from both students and teachers.” — Mary Liu, WHS science teacher and creator of edX’s “Ramp Up for AP Biology” 


Learn more about Mary Liu’s experience in creating and incorporating a new digital technology here.








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