Voters approve $300K for technology upgrade

Department:  Superintendent's Office  
Type:  Technology & Libraries  

The School Department is grateful to Weston voters for approving $300,000 to replace old and failing computer network switching equipment in the Weston Public Schools.  This will fund the first of up to four phases of technology improvments, with the first concentrated on the High School and the Town Hall core network equipment.

Our current computer network infrastructure cannot handle our basic needs, seriously impedes our progress and goals, and fails-in portion or in whole-much too often.   This project will upgrade and replace this equipment in a systematic manner, improving the district's electronic communications, database record systems, central file sharing, attendance systems, grading systems, point of sale systems, accounting and payroll systems, and many other management systems to run the business of schooling.  Perhaps even more importantly it will improve instructional activities that rely on computer systems, Internet access, wireless computer network access, interactive whiteboards, various software products, and many other information technology resources. 

In addition to creating a stable network for students and staff, this phase will eliminate failure of devices to connect to the network.  We will also be able to better manage the technology by imaging and managing computers remotely.  Additionally, we will have the capability to provide safe and secure Internet access to devices not owned and maintained by the school department.  Students and guests will be able to bring in laptop or WiFi devices and connect for functionality and access to Internet resources.

We are envisioning this as a three to four phase project with a total cost of $950,000.  Some variables will be adjusted as more information is known.  The fate and timing of the Field School is one such variable.  Future phases will systematically replace old network equipment in every school and enable municipal buildings and public spaces to offer secure wireless access.


Click here for more information about the reasons for the upgrade.



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