Your WEEFC Dollars at Work (Country 3/12)

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Your WEEFC Dollars at Work 
Museum of Science: Electromagnetism Museum of Science


The Boston Museum of Science returned to Country School to present its fascinating program on electromagnetism to the third grade.  The program augmented their unit of study on magnets and electricity.  Interesting demonstrations engaged the students during this highly- interactive presentation with many opportunities for audience participation.  One of the highlights included a demonstration of the effects of an electrical charge using a Van de Graaff generator, resulting in lot of laughs as students watched their friends' hairs literally stand on end.  Students learned about the relationship between magnetism and electricity and not only how to make a magnet using electricity, but also how to create electricity using only a magnet and coiled wire.  A lively question and answer session concluded the presentation.

Throughout the year, WEEFC funds many unique and creative programs brought to the schools by the Math and Science Council. 

Mathematical Thinking Through Technology Greg Tang

WEEFC funded the purchase of Greg Tang's On-Line Math Enrichment Program, software designed to promote flexible mathematical thinking and enhance problem solving skills for use by all students in grades K-5.  This interactive software uses games and creative activities to engage the children in mathematical thinking and to boost their confidence.  Use of this system increases fluency in numerical operations and teaches flexibility in problem solving.  Differentiated games allow all students to work at their own level to achieve success.

In addition, Greg Tang visited third grade classrooms to work with those children as part of a second WEEFC grant.  Mr. Tang is a well-known author of several books about math, The Grapes of Math, Math for All Seasons, and The Best of Times, among others.  His approach aims to make math more intuitive, focusing on understanding, rather than on repetitive drills, thus making the learning of math more fun. 


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Jarrett Krosoczka

Wordfest Author

he WEEFC-funded Wordfest Program is celebrating its 26th year of bringing authors and poets into the classroom.  Jarrett Krosoczka, renowned author-illustrator of children's books, returned for the third year, to visit Kindergarten classrooms this month.  Jarrett's interactive presentation to both Country and Woodland School students included book readings, a digital slide show about his evolution as an author and artist, and a question and answer session.  Mr. Krosoczka is the award-winning author of fourteen books including the graphic novel series Lunch Lady, Punk Farm, Annie Was Warned, Giddy Up Cowgirl and Max for President.

Other authors visiting Country and Woodland Schools during this school year as part of the WEEFC Wordfest grant include Grace Lin, Brian Lies, Giles Laroche, Suzy Kline and Lyn Littlefield Hoopes.


Museum of Science Museum of Science

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