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The National Association for Music Education (NAfME) All-National Honor Ensembles represent the top performing high school musicians in the United States.
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Superintendent's Office
Superintendent Maloney is pleased to announce the appointment of Theresa Burns as METCO Community Coordinator for the 2014-15 school year. Ms. Burns will coordinate the METCO Family Friends Program and activities throughout the year.
Superintendent's Office
On June 16, WHS juniors from AP Statistics presented findings to School Committee related to the Fall 2013 HS rankings by Boston Magazine & U.S. News/World Report. Read report to learn details of their investigation and analysis.
Superintendent's Office
Superintendent Maloney has announced the selection of Ms. Susan Erickson as Elementary Science/Social Studies Specialist. Please join us in welcoming Ms. Erickson to the Weston Public Schools.

Well, here we are again!

Another school year is upon us and I am looking forward to having everyone back in the building. I hope you have had a wonderful summer with enough time to relax, experience a genuine break, and pursue other passions in a way not possible during the school year.
How do we make an excellent school more excellent? This has been the driving question for me for the past 9 years. Excellence is not static but is dynamic. Paraphrasing legendary UCLA Basketball Coach John Wooden, excellence is a process not a destination. At the heart of this endeavor is the relationship administrators, teachers and staff foster with students as we teach, coach, mentor, and discipline them toward excellence!  To this end, our faculty have been preparing for the school year by attending professional development workshops throughout the summer.
The caliber of the people who work here is certainly one of our strengths as a high school. I would like to introduce the following new faculty and staff to our community:
Allison Bees (GOAL program)
Rachel Bergeron (Learning Assistant in Skills)
Chris Brown (Learning Assistant in the Bridge program)
Michael Burd (English)
Theresa Burns (Weston METCO Community Coordinator)
Alyssa DeSandre (Math)
Savann Donovan (Adjustment Counselor)
Peter Dunbar (Learning Assistant in Skills)
Tamara Jeniski (ELL)
Simone Khenkin (Acting)
Joan Pagliocca (Teacher of the Visually Impaired)
John Perry (History, Speech, and Spanish)
Thea Ruggiano (SPED). 
There have also been some shifts among our returning faculty and staff this year that you should know about:
Andi Gettys will be teaching one section of Algebra II in addition to her role as the TEC Coordinator.
Erin Patterson will be working in TEC for 30 hours each week.
Adam Atherton will serve as the Student Activities Director as well as remaining in his role as a Learning Assistant.
Erin McCarty will be the faculty advisor for the Student Council.
Last, Gaby Holland will lead the combined programs in the Bridge classroom with the help of a learning assistant. 
Welcome back!
Anthony Parker
Slideshow photos were taken at the District Opening Day event on Tuesday, August 26, 2014, at the new Field School.  WHS faculty saw a taped interview of WHS graduate Miranda Craigwell speaking about her experience at WHS.

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WHS Principal Anthony Parker and students-Oct 2013.
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