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The online-learning collaborative edX, is expanding its reach beyond higher education and will begin offering courses geared toward high school students. 26 high school courses were created by 14 institutions, including Weston High School.
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Advisories roll-out school-wide

Weston High School is beginning its third year of its advisory program and the first year with all grades participating. Advisories are small groups of 8-12 students that meet every Friday for 30 minutes with advisors. 
“I love my advisor, she is literally like my best friend” – Senior 

Each group has a faculty or staff member who serves as its advisor throughout the students’ high school careers. This simple model provides students with a meaningful connection to an adult in the school and builds peer relationships, thereby enhancing the learning environment. Advisories were a goal of our 2011 School Improvement Plan and were highlighted in the 2012-13 NEASC accreditation process.

The aim of advisory groups is to personalize the educational experience and allow for teachers and staff to get to know students as people, not just as learners. The school’s core values of engagement, resilience, responsibility and integrity lie at the heart of our identity as an intellectual community, and group exploration of their meaning will bring them to life. Within each group, students will: 
develop the trust and respect necessary to build a safe community 
learn and use cooperative and collaborative skills
develop new peer relationships
“My advisory grew closer together as time progressed and it has become a place for my group to talk about important issues and tough topics that matter to them.”- Advisor
In this secure environment, students recognize the diversity and commonality within their group and understand the relationships among individuals and cultures, treating others with respect and dignity. These skills transcend the small group and extend to the school and the community at large as students act on the very values they have explored. Advisories also serve as a forum for critical issues that could become lost in a larger group discussion. In time, each advisory group will reflect the unique characteristics of its individual members while continuing to be a part of the whole school community.
“Advisory is a great way to catch up with and connect with classmates who you wouldn’t see on a regular basis.” - Junior 
An indication of the excitement about advisories is the number of teachers and staff who have come forward to volunteer as advisors. Faculty members Mrs. Pauline Chaloff and Mr. Henry Moon are coordinating the advisory program. Each week they send out topic suggestions, updates, and collect feedback from the advisors.
WHS currently has 67 volunteer faculty and staff who have taken on an advisory group, either individually or as pairs.  Advisors elected to take on this role outside of their contractual obligations to best meet the needs of all students and to promote a strong sense of community in our school.
“As coordinators, Henry and I are thrilled that this program has made it into its third year. The development and implementation of this program has been the collective efforts of many dedicated people. It is very exciting that Weston High School has embraced this new initiative and we are happy to see it becoming part of our school culture.“  - Pauline Chaloff
Last spring, “it was as though a light bulb went on” as teachers and students understood the value of the advisories, recalls Principal Parker, when the school experienced a series of negative incidences led to school-wide introspection.  The advisories proved to be a perfect forum for students to express themselves and to develop constructive responses.  Moreover, the advisories provide a valuable cohort of relationships that evolve over the four-year experience, each with its own personality and dynamic. 
“It was wonderful to see the students genuinely excited to see each other at our first advisory meeting of the school year.” – Advisor
The senior class will, for the first time, have group photos of their Advisories included in the yearbook, reflecting the special connection of the group members.  
Slideshow images are of Advisories meeting in various parts of campus.

All day
WHS Pond
05:00 PM
HS Cafeteria
08:00 PM
WHS Cafeteria
08:10 AM
12:00 AM
03:00 PM
Field School Playground
09:00 AM
HS Media Center

WHS Principal Anthony Parker and students-Sept 2014.
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