School Committee
The Weston School Committee has hired a consultant to lead the search for the next Superintendent of Schools. Please click above for information regarding the search, including the anticipated timeline.
High School
The parent portal will strengthen the ability for all of us involved in students’ progress in their classes. Students, parents, and teachers will be able to communicate meaningfully and effectively.
Support the WHS Black Student Union and the Weston METCO program by purchasing Indian River oranges and grapefruit this holiday season.
High School
WHS senior, Cam Chioffi, is the starting goalie for the Weston High School hockey team but in the summer he is a world champion youth fly fisherman.
High School
Come see and enjoy Weston vs Wayland in the first annual W-Day Challenge. Each of the day's winning teams will receive points and the school at the end of the evening with the most points will be awarded the W-Day Challenge Bucket.
Superintendent's Office
School sponsored athletic programs and elementary physical education rely on the Weston Boosters to supplement the school budget for equipment and programs. We hope that every Weston family can contribute to this year's fundraising efforts.
Superintendent's Office
A committee from outside of the district will spend three days in Weston (October 7-9) reviewing materials, observing classes, and meeting with students, faculty, administrators and parents. A parent forum will be held Wed., Oct 8, 8AM, WHS

Back to School Night

We look forward to meeting all our parents on Back to School Night (BTSN), Wednesday, October 1, 2014, 7-9pm.

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Parent Portal



Dr. Lee McCanne will answer your questions about the parent portal, which will go live on October 14.

Read the full announcement to learn more

BTSN is an opportunity for parents to meet the teachers their students will be learning from this year and to hear about the curriculum for each class.
For freshman parents this BTSN will be a unique experience.  While 7th and 8th Grade parents do attend their BTSNs on the same evening, it is nothing like the marathon-like experience of the high school event.
All high school parents attend one evening of BTSN, going from classroom to classroom and getting a 10 minute overview of the classes from each of their students’ teachers.  Not only is the high school a larger building, but there will be twice as many parents rushing through the halls between classes.  To help you find your way around the school, Student Council members will be stationed around the building to offer assistance.
You should have received in the US Mail a BTSN worksheet on which you can schedule the classes to visit.  If you have more than one child at the high school and can’t be in two places at once, you will have to prioritize.  You might choose to visit the teacher you haven’t met, or choose your older child’s teacher.  Or, you might choose the classroom that requires the shortest path!  If you plan carefully, you may at least be able to introduce yourself to all your teachers between sessions.  If you can’t meet the teacher at the scheduled time, feel free to make an appointment to meet them another day.
Experienced parents will tell you:
Wear comfortable shoes-you may be sprinting from one end of the building to the other
Plan to arrive by 6:30-parking is limited and latecomers typically end up on Wellesley Street and miss their first class!
Enjoy the evening-You’ll see many familiar faces and will meet many wonderful teachers.  Refreshments will also be available, organized by the HS PTO, if you have a free!
Slideshow images are of WHS students at the Student Activities Fair.

11:30 AM
12:45 PM
07:00 PM
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08:00 AM
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HS Principal's Conf Room

WHS Principal Anthony Parker and students-Sept 2014.
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