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The PTO will again publish an all-school student directory in the PTO calendar. Student information in directory is listed as in the official school records. Click above if you would like your child's information omitted or to add second address.
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Superintendent Cheryl Maloney is pleased to announce the selection of Ms. Jennifer Faber as the new Woodland School Principal beginning July 1, 2015.
Superintendent's Office
By registering before the end of this school year, you will receive the 2015-16 School Calendar/Directory AND e-calendar download in August. Your support ensures that the PTO can continue important efforts on behalf of our students and families
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As another school year ends, consider purchasing a WEEFC STAR in honor of a favorite teacher, counselor, aide or other special person in the WPS who has helped your child along the way.
Superintendent's Office
Superintendent Maloney is pleased to announce the selection of Dr. Marguerite "Midge" Connolly as Director of Student Services for the Weston Public Schools.

Grade 7 Returns to Hale Reservation

At the start of the school year, our 7th Grade students were asked two questions: What makes a community strong? What can tear a community apart? Both in and out of the classroom, students have explored these challenging questions through the lens of our expansive and dynamic curriculum.
In October, the grade traveled to the Hale Reservation in Westwood, MA. There, students participated in various team building activities such as low and high ropes courses, as well as other group challenges. Since that trip, students have revisited the small groups we formed that day through monthly meetings, and continued their conversations with their chaperones. The role of these chaperones has really elevated to that of mentor or guide, as these groups continue to grapple with the themes of their 7th Grade year: Identity, Membership, Us/Them, Legacy, and Participation.
To bookend these rich experiences, Grade 7 students and teachers will be returning to the Hale Reservation this year on Tuesday, June 2. Students will travel with their same groups, and rejoin their facilitator from this past October. Through utilizing other aspects of Hale, like their Wilderness Survival and Orienteering areas, students will further examine the dynamics that make a strong team. While the location of this Field Trip is the same as October, what the students will experience will be specifically different. 
Further, students will reflect on their 7th Grade journey, and examine the overarching idea of community. By exploring their experiences from this past year, we will discuss: what did make a community strong, and when did our community struggle? Through actively tackling these tough questions, our hope is that the reflective nature of our Grade 7 students will guide them to look at their accomplishments in their year, and shape their preparation for their final year here at Weston Middle School.

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Principal John Gibbons and Middle School students.
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