Superintendent's Office
As of February 9, the 180th (or last) day of school this year is now scheduled to be TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 2016. This reflects two snow days where school was cancelled.
Superintendent's Office
The School Committee voted to amend the 2016-17 School Calendar making Friday, April 14, 2017 a non-school day; the earliest 180th day of school becomes Friday, June 16, 2017.
Country Elementary School
The Grounds Department will be having a contractor applying fertilizer to all school grounds during week of April 18. Click above to access link for the Safety Data Sheets for the fertilizer.
School Committee
Join the 80's Fun at WEEFC's Premier Fundraising Event of the Year, April 9 beginning at 6:30pm at Elm Bank Reservation. Space is limited Purchase tickets today..
Superintendent's Office
Kindergarten Registration for the 2016-2017 school year will be held on Thursday, April 7, 8:00am.-noon at Case House. Click above for information.

Country is Curious!

This year at Country School, we have been thinking about curiosity and how we as a school can nurture the natural inquisitiveness of children. In our daily work, we offer children many opportunities to identify areas or ideas they wish to explore, as well as many strategies for satisfying their curiosity. It is, at heart, curiosity that sparks engagement, which in turn leads to discovery and new understanding. A recently published book on curiosity, Curious, by Ian Leslie, explores why we are (or aren't) curious and how it develops (or withers) over the human lifespan. It pays particular attention to the roles that questions and questioning play in fostering curiosity as we develop; as a faculty, we will be reading and discussing ideas about the link between questioning and curiosity over the winter months.

We believe that questions are literally the "engine for discovery," a driving force in intellectual, creative, and artistic development, "a technology that children use to "trawl for insights."1 As anyone who lives with a child knows, they are often an inexhaustible source of questions! Yet, it's the complex process of generating those questions that helps children make cognitive leaps--- by realizing what they don't know, and what they want to know, they can forge new paths to find out. Here at Country, we not only want children to answer the questions we pose, but also to pose and answer their own questions as they learn and grow!


Dr. Christine Price, Principal


The photos above are a sampling of projects children have worked on this Fall. Can you guess what "questions" they were answering?

1 Leslie, Ian (2014) Curious: The Desire to Know and Why Your Future Depends On it. Basic Books, New York.



Hey, Country kids (and parents)


Click here to sign your child up for third grade chorus!                                

Rehearsals begin January 12, 2016 and are every Tuesday from 2:20-3:15.



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Country School Principal Chris Price with students

Principal Dr. Christine Price with students.
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