Superintendent's Office
Dr. Maloney is pleased to announce the selection of Erica Cole as the next Science Department Head for Weston Middle and High School, effective immediately. Ms. Cole has served as Interim Science Department Head since February.
Superintendent's Office
Congratulations to Mr. John Minigan, WHS Drama teacher and playwright, whose play "Breaking the Shakespeare Code" is a nominee for the Eliot Norton Award given by Boston Theater Critics Association.
Superintendent's Office
Elementary schools dismiss at 11:00AM; Middle and High Schools at 11:30AM. THERE WILL BE NO LATE BUSES. Lunch will not be served.
Superintendent's Office
Volunteers have been selected to serve on the interview committee for the Assistant Superintendent for C & I. The committee includes administrators, faculty and parents. Dr. Maloney is appreciative of all who volunteered to serve on this committee.
Superintendent's Office
WHS Science teacher Mary Liu is one of 6 recipients of a Goldin Foundation for Excellence in Education awards who will be recognized for outstanding achievements and contributions in their classrooms, schools, and communities. Reception at WHS 4/29.

Winter Wonders, Happy Spring!

   To celebrate the first days of Spring, it’s great to recall some of the wonderful work Country School children have done over the winter! At every grade level, children have had active learning experiences in each curriculum area; teaching teams have piloted new units in writing, engineering, and math this winter.

   Our Kindergartners extended their literature study of the folktale, The Gingerbread Man, finding many different variations on its plot & theme, including a Gingerbread Cowgirl and a Runaway Tortilla! They also built mail trucks and boxes for their Post Office study, and have been delivering mail around the building.

   Our First Graders solved an Engineering Challenge: how to move a notecard from one location to another using string, sticks, tape, and clothespins, without touching it with their hands. They also embarked on a new opinion writing unit, in which they explored the power of language to persuade their readers.

   Our Second Graders kicked off their study of fractions with a celebration of Half-Way Day, marking the mid-point in the year. Children explored the concept of ratios, fractions, and one half; many dressed for the occasion, wearing half winter and half summer outfits!

   Our Third Graders shared Poetry and Art at their annual Poetry Breakfast, and built working lighthouse models as part of their Science and Engineering studies. Most recently they have been preparing for the upcoming MCAS tests, through our team SMART (Students Mastering the Art of Rigorous Thinking) activities.

   Add to this exciting, engaging work, snowshoeing in PE, sledding at recess, and snow sculptures in Art, and you have an amazing winter term at Country School!  

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Country School Principal Chris Price with students

Principal Dr. Christine Price with students.
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