Technology and Libraries Contacts

Dr. Lee McCanne

Director of Technology & School Libraries, Weston Public Schools and the Town of Weston
Phone:    781-786-5250

Fax:          781-786-5239 


Network Manager:  Mr. Michael Murray

IT Manager: Mr. Tu Vu

Assistant Network Manager: Mr. Michael Mooney

Information Systems Coordinator: Mrs. Carol Neville

Network Support: Mr. Lewis Brooks

Web Content Manager: Ms. Wendy Spector


High School
Technology Integration Specialist:  Ms. Mary O'Brien

Librarian:  Ms. Alida Hanson

Technology Support: Mr. Michael Wolf

Aide: Ms. Amy Eastwood


Middle School

Technology Integration Specialist:  Mr. Peter Kidwell

Interim Librarian:  Ms. Linda Preissel

Technology Support: Ms. Petra Lesbirel

Aide:  Ms. Monisha Tasker


Field School

Library/Media Specialist:  Ms. Loarraine Sousa

Technology Support: Mr. Peter DiTommaso


Country School

Library/Media Specialist:  Ms. Lucille Beeth

Technology Support: Mr. Carl Valle


Woodland School

Library/Media Specialist:  Ms. Kate Benson

Woodland School Technology Support: Mr. David Peterson




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