Third Grade Spring Perspective



                                                                                                                 April 2014


Dear Third Grade Parents, 

 This month, third graders will participate in Iditarod Math, a hands-on event 

where children have the opportunity to practice using customary measurement 

while solving challenging Iditarod themed math problems. Hopefully, this 

culminating event will be the end to all things gray and wintery.  Now that spring 

is on the way, we are all looking forward to sunshine and even more temperate 

weather.  Spring brings with it many exciting things for third grade, Habitats, a 

visit to the Golden Ball Tavern, and the Bug Play, to name a few.   

 In Reading, third graders will focus on the non-fiction genre, reading 

books on their favorite subjects ranging from the discovery of King Tut’s tomb to 

the shipwreck of the Endurance in 1914. They will then move on to Graphic 

Biographies written about important people in history. These biographies include 

key individuals who played a role in the early colonization of America, such as 

Patrick Henry and Molly Pitcher.  

 In Math, third graders have completed the units of multiplication and 

fractions and are now beginning to explore the exciting elements of measurement and  2D and 

3D geometry.  We will continue to revisit multiplication and division throughout the 

year, and children are encouraged to continue to practice their math facts at 


 In Science our third graders begin to learn about the world’s biomes as 

they explore animal and insect habitats. All third graders will be designing and 

building a live insect habitat this year, as well as learning about the lifecycles and 

adaptations of a wide range of insects.  

 In Social Studies we continue to move forward in time as the first colonies 

are established, and we begin to learn about the events leading up to the 

American Revolution. 


 The Third Grade Team 








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