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BWMPO End of Year Celebration May 26, 2016 7pm - 9pm 12th Baptist Church Roxbury MA

Weston METCO Class of 2016 Senior Appreciation Program June 1, 2016 3pm - 4pm WHS Media Center


Photos from April 2016

The newly created Boston Buddies program which pairs high school students

with elementary students



Weston METCO Students Strive for Excellence


WHS Class of 2016 METCO Students

The Black Student Union would like to thank all the people who supported the 2015 Fruit Sale. The Fruit sale was very successful and we look forward to holding it again in the fall of 2016!

Click here to download the May 2016 Weston Friends of METCO letter

to see how you can support the Weston METCO Program


Members of the Class of 2015 with METCO Director Ms. LaToya Rivers


On Saturday, March 28th, the Weston High School BosCats (an academic team composed of Boston students) competed

in the 4th Annual LA2 Tenacity Challenge held at Bedford High School. The team was made up of 7 students from

Weston High School, which included Shyan Brown, Kamina Nixon, Kiara Powell, Julimar Avila, Christiana Dryden,

Koinonia Howard and Ally Anderson.  The LA2 Tenacity Challenge is an annual academic scholarship competition

for teams of Latino and African-American students from urban and suburban high schools across Massachusetts.

Teams compete in a Science and Math Quiz Bowl Challenge, a Latino and African-American Literature and

Film Analysis Challenge, a History Argument Challenge and a Banner Challenge.  The team was coached by

Ms. Gina Fried, Mr. Sean Smith, Mr. Peter Banker and Ms. Erin McCarty. 

The BosCats placed 9th out of 25 teams at the competition. Congratulations to all!



The WHS Penny Wars fundraiser generated a total of $1,730.11 for the METCO program and the sophomore class thanks to donations collected at the high school cafeteria and a $1,000 contribution from the Weston branch Cambridge Trust Company.

Lynne Linnehan and Andrea Cope, branch managers of the bank, met with WHS principal Anthony Parker, METCO director La Toya Rivers, and director of student activities Adam Atherton on Friday January 30 at the Weston branch for a presentation of funds after the bank counted the coins and bills collected.

“In an effort to create more school spirit and support the METCO program, who recently experienced a cut in funding, I came up with this idea of the Penny Wars,” said Atherton.

According to Atherton, the Penny Wars ran from the beginning of December to the first week in January.

The bank’s contribution, along with half the funds raised by the high school, was allocated to the METCO program, while the other half of the $730.11 was awarded to the sophomore class for contributing the most pennies to the fundraiser.

“We got the request from Mr. Atherton, telling us about the project. The bank thought it was a great cause, and we are always looking to support the local community and the METCO program,” said Cope. “The bank is involved with the Rotary Club of Wayland-Weston, and we support many other organizations in the school as well — the Special Olympics and the Jimmy Fund.”



On Friday, February 27 WHS Students attended the Black History Month assembly. The assembly featured Ted Landsmark, a famous civil rights activist. Landsmark was featured in a Pulitzer Prize winning photograph, The Soiling of Old Glory taken in Boston in 1976. The photo was taken during the Boston Bus Desegregation, when Boston Public Schools were ordered by the state to desegregate the school system.Other students spoke about people that made a difference in their lives and people that inspired them.


Click here to view a video of the assembly

Boston Globe profiles an alumna of METCO program

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Dr. Ebonie Woolcock.is a graduate of the FraminghamMETCO program.  Her two younger sisters, Yorkela and Lejae, are graduates of the WestonMETCO program and are referenced and pictured in the article.  One is now an accountant and the other a teacher.


The article pays tribute to the METCO program and the achievements of a few of its graduates.


Read the full Globe article


Weston METCO Family Friends Program
Weston METCO Family Friends program is made up of Boston and Weston families who share  a commitment to educational opportunity and diversity. Under the program, each Boston student who enters the  Weston Public Schools is paired with a Weston Student. Throughout the school year, the Weston METCO office organizes a variety  of activities to support Family Friends’ relationships. This relationship not only provides the Boston children with the security of having a Weston ‘home away from home,” but also offers families from both communities opportunities to share their urban and suburban experiences.
If you are interested in being a Weston Familiy Friend; please contact Theresa Burns
The Weston METCO Class of 2015



Back Row (Left to Right): Maurice Blake Jr., Kendall Raye, Olubiyi Ojo, Collins Ebozue, James Joutras, Jevryl Jordan Benjamin, 
Front Row (Left to Right): Yodit Habtemariam, Kiara Powell, Zahrea Gay, Kamina Nixon-Townsend, Julimar Avila, Shyan Brown

Weston METCO Donation!!

(Full Article in Weston Town Crier)

Thursday, December 18, 2014


La Toya Rivers (left), Weston METCO Director, is presented a contribution of $5,000, in memory of Elizabeth (Betty) Whitney, by Ann Marie Kreft (right), Outreach Treasurer, Congregational Church of Weston, U.C.C. In light of recent state budget cuts of $15,495 to Weston METCO, Weston Public Schools and the Congregational Church of Weston, U.C.C., encourage all community members to contact Rep. Alice Peisch, State Senator Michael Barrett, and Gov. Deval Patrick to request that the amount allocated in the FY’15 state budget be restored. For more information please go to: 





WestonMETCO and the Black Student Union 
WHS Black History Day Assembly
Wednesday, February 26, 2014, 9:45-11am
Honoring Our Past, Inspiring Our Future
Through video clips, music, live performances and readings students highlighted many known and unknown icons and events of the past and present that they felt have had an impact on their lives.  Beginning with slavery and traveling through to the present day, the students worked to put together a presentation that they were proud of and that they felt would evoke thought, inspire deeper conversations about race as well as educate their school community on the many accomplishments of black people.  
During the assembly the students presented a brief moment to reflect on the Trayvon Martin incident and the larger message of racial profiling and prejudice as an obstacle for them to overcome.  They asked that students wear hoodies on the day of the assembly, as it has become the symbol to the nation of the very serious epidemic of racial profiling that takes place and has taken place throughout our country. 



Images from the Black History Day Assembly






Members of the Weston METCO Class of 2015  

as Sophomores

enjoying their Semi-Formal

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Weston METCO students go GLOBAL
April 2014
Shyan Brown (Weston METCO Class of 2015) traveled with fellow Weston High School students and faculty to Peru during April Vacation in 2014.  She raised funds through a series of personal fundraising efforts and a donation from a newly established Weston METCO Travel Fund; which was established through a grant from the St. Peter's Church of Weston.  We celebrate her and congratulate her on her efforts and hard work.  She is a shining example of a student taking advantage of the wonderful opportunities offered to students in Weston.
(Photos of Shyan in Peru)

Learning Continues in the Summer

Weston METCO students attend the WPS-sponsored summer review program to prepare for the upcoming academic year with transportation supplied by the Weston Transportation Department. The two-week, full-day program provides intensive, curriculum-based review, preview and enrichment specifically targeting the area of math. It also includes a dynamic study and social skill component, cultural enrichment and recreational opportunities, such as swimming at the town pool and basketball. Students, parents, teachers and administrators report many positive anecdotal outcomes as a result of this program, with indications of increased self-confidence, risk taking, and homework completion. 


Click on the link at the left to learn more about SOAR and the High School Review Program

  METCO Legislative News and Alerts

Message from Jean M. McGuire, Executive Director of METCO, Inc.

November 24, 2014


As you know, last week Governor Patrick released his 9C cuts which reflected a 2.32% or $287,139 cut to the METCO program for FY15. We are encouraging ALL METCO parents, students and supporters to submit letters, emails and place phone calls immediately alerting YOUR HOME and YOUR DISTRICT Senator and Representative of the devastating effect last week’s 9C cut to the METCO line-item will have to the program and urging them to advocate for restoration of the cut when the legislature takes up a supplemental budget in the coming months.
Thank you in advance for your support!  

A letter/call to an elected leader should:

--Be simple, clear and polite
--Stick to one area
--Ask for a specific action - in this case to work together to bring education
   funding equity to the METCO program
--Be legible - hand-written is fine and often gets more personal attention
--Always include your name and return address for a response
--Express appreciation for past support


Click here for a sample letter to send to elected officials

Click here for names and addresses of our legislators.

Interested in donating to the Weston METCO Program??


In 2009, the Weston METCO Community Coordinating Committee led the charge in a  town-wide fund raising initiative to help offset the short fall of the funds received by the state for our program.   A letter is sent to the community from the committee anf the METCO Director each June soliciting donations for the the Weston METCO Gift Fund.  The fund is primarily used to maintain the elements of our Weston Program that make it so strong such as our ample transportation and summer enrichment programs. 


Click here for a copy of that letter; donations are accepted year round.  

LaToya Rivers, M.Ed  METCO Director and High School Academic Liaison.


Before coming to the Weston Public Schools in September 2013, she served as the METCO Academic Advisor for Grades 5-8 in the Lincoln Public Schools for seven years.  In this capacity, she developed the middle school’s after-school program and worked with staff and families to help improve student achievement in the district.  She has also served as an Adult Educator at St. Mary’s Women and Children’s Center; Second/Third Grade Teacher in the METCO, Inc. Summer Enrichment Program; a Special Programs Coordinator for GEAR UP Boston at Charlestown High School through Bunker Hill Community College and an Education Coordinator/GED Instructor/Career Counselor at the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department Women’s Resource Center.

Ms. Rivers earned a Masters in Education and a Bachelor of Arts in Ethic, Social and Political Philosophy from the University of Massachusetts, Boston.



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