The House System is the heart of the Weston Middle School, providing an academic and self-esteem promoting structure for students, as well as a means of transition from the elementary schools to the high school.  Each grade has two color-coded houses. Each house has a team of teachers who meet several times a week to share information, develop strategies for instruction, and plan programs and activities.

Parents are encouraged to maintain close contact with the school regarding their child’s progress.  Appointments with teachers may be scheduled for the first Wednesday afternoons of most months, or at other mutually convenient times.

To email any faculty member, enter (example:
Main Office                                                                                                   
John Gibbons, Principal (781)786-5600                                          
Karen Hillman, Assistant Principal (781)786-5600                                           
Danette Alamanos, Administrative Assistant (781)786-5600                                  
Carolyn Langan, Bookkeeper (781)786-5600                                                             
Tracey Salvo, Administrative Assistant (781)786-5600
6th Grade, Room 210                                                                                    
Carol Fahey / Theresa Schmalenberger, 6-8 Grade Aides (781)786-5660                                                    
Georgeann Bossers, Yellow House Director (781)786-5660                                              
Bekki Kowalski / Claude Valle, Green House Supervisor (781)786-5660                                
7th Grade, Room 236                                                                                     
Carol Fahey / Theresa Schmalenberger, 6-8 Grade Aides (781)786-5670                                                   
Caryn Grozalsky, Red House Director(781)786-5670                                                                      
Carrie Rainville-Collins, Violet House Supervisor (781)786-5670                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
8th Grade, Room 121                                                                                                            
Carol Fahey / Theresa Schmalenberger, 6-8 Grade Aides (781)786-5680                                                     
Michael Brown, Blue House Director (781)786-5680                                           
Janice Corley, Orange House Supervisor (781)786-5680                                  
School Council Members                                                                             
John Gibbons, Principal                                                                                 
Faculty:                                            Parents:                                                                      




Meet our PrincipalJohn Gibbons, MS Principal


Mr. John Gibbons became Principal of Weston Middle School in 2001.  Mr. Gibbons came to Weston from Northborough, MA where he was Principal of Northborough Middle School since 1996.  Prior to that he taught English and Reading at Weston Middle School for nine years, serving for a time as the Grade 6 House Leader. His first teaching position was as a Grade 6 teacher in the Monte Vista Middle School in Tracy, CA.


Mr. Gibbons earned a Master of Education Degree from Boston College in 1992, with a focus on administration and supervision and the Middle School Principalship. He earned his undergraduate degree from Boston College in 1985, with a double major in Elementary Education and Special Education.



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