2014-15WHS Theater Department Curriculum


Note: There is always the possibility that courses listed in the Program of Studies may not run due to low enrollment or budget constraints.


Courses in theater arts are designed to be equally relevant to all students whether or not they participate in the school’s after-school drama program. Through study in theater arts, students gain increased self-confidence, greater clarity of speaking, and improved interpersonal skills. Classroom approaches to performance skills and technical work are designed to be appropriate for the novice as well as the experienced performer or technician.

Grades 9-12
Technical Theater Arts
Acting I
Acting II
Acting III/IV


Course 751     TECHNICAL THEATER ARTS     Semester     2 Credits

No Prerequisites

Students in this course will study the theory and practice of technical theater, with concentrations in set design, lighting design, costume design,scene construction, rigging and stage management. In addition, students will study major movements in theatrical design and become familiar with stage technology and materials. Project work in the course will include design models as well as hands-on work in the scene shop and stage area.



Course 754     ACTING I     Semester     2 Credits

No Prerequisites.

Note: Successful completion of this course will fulfill the public speaking requirement generally fulfilled by taking Speech in sophomore year.

Students will study the craft of acting with a focus on improvisation, acting exercises and activities and the basics of scripted drama. Units in the course will be designed to develop the performance skills of spontaneity, listening and creating with a group as well as an understanding of the working and the aesthetics of theater. Students will learn the skills involved in safe voice production for the stage, character physicalization, and the building blocks of comedy improvisation. The course will include the development and performance of a scripted scene, in class.



Course 755     ACTING II     Semester     2 Credits
Prerequisites: Acting I, MS Scene Study class or permission of the instructor.

Note: Successful completion of this course will fulfill the public speaking requirement generally fulfilled by taking Speech in sophomore year.

Students develop skills in scene work and performance by focusing on the interpretation of dramatic structure, building strength and variety in their vocal work and making strong and specific choices in characterization. Students will work with scripted material and generate their own texts for performance. The culminating experience is an in-class performance of a one-person, self-scripted work in which each student portrays multiple characters clearly and distinctly.



Course 756     ACTING III/IV     Semester     2 Credits
Prerequisites: Acting II or permission of the instructor

Students will act and direct challenging material (Shakespeare, Pinter, Chekov, et al.) with a goal of staging an evening of student-directed one-act plays in the spring. Students will learn audition techniques and etiquette, techniques of staging and blocking and advanced script analysis. The culminating event will be a series of one-act plays performed for the public, planned, produced, acted and directed by students in the class.



-from the 2014-15 WHS Program of Studies



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