II. Communication

Guidelines for Effective Communication
The Home School Communication Advisory Committee, consisting of teachers, administrators, parents, and
community representatives, developed a set of system-wide guidelines for effective family and school

Parents and teachers, working together, can maximize effective communication when:

1. Schools welcome parents as partners in the educational process.
2. Schools share general information so that parents are informed on a regular basis and know whom
to contact with questions or concerns.
3. Parents become familiar with information distributed by the school or school system. (For example,
all high school parents and students should sign up for myGrapevine so that they can receive
emergency notices as well as general information via email.)
4. Parents who seek information about their child’s progress first speak directly with the student’s
teacher or guidance counselor.
5. Principals and teachers are open to parent concerns and offer opportunity for respectful
6. Parents and school staff act respectfully at meetings and forums and are considerate of speakers
in asking questions or making comments. These gatherings are important vehicles for sharing
information and creating conversation between home and school.
7. Parents and school staff acknowledge the volume of information that circulates each day and are
respectful of time demands. For example, it may not be possible for a parent or staff member to
respond immediately to a phone call unless it is an emergency.
8. Parents and students are expected to review the contents of the Student/Parent Handbook.



Central Administration
Superintendent of Schools: 

Dr. Cheryl Maloney    781-786-5210

Assistant Superintendent:

Mrs. Amber Bock      781-786-5220

Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations:

Ms. Cynthia Mahr      781-786-5230

Director of Student Services:

Ms. Susan Strong     781-786-5240


Weston High School Telephone System
Our automated telephone system provides one tier of options for quick selections. In addition, we have
created the ability to go to a second tier of options if you wish to connect with a department head and do not
know his/her extension. The quickest way to make connections with an individual is to know the party's

The High School telephone number is (781) 786-5800. For emergencies dial this number and press
either 1 for the Attendance office or 7for the Main Office.

First Tier of Selections
Press #.
1. Attendance Office and Assistant Principal Erica Cole
2. Guidance Office and Director of Guidance Richard Escobar
3. Nurse’s Office
4. Athletics and Athletics Director Michael McGrath
5. Academic Departments
6. Skills Department
7. Main Office and Principal Parker

8. Staff Directory

Second Tier of Selections-Academic Departments and Department Heads



1. Visual Arts

2. English
3. Foreign Language
4. History/Social Studies

5. Mathematics
6. Music

7. Science
8. Health/PE/Consumer Science

Chris Fehl

Kate Lemons

Cortland Mathers

Jim Murphy
Jim McLaughlin

Chris Memoli
Larry Murphy
Mitch Fennegan























 High School Information Contact List

Weston High School

Main Number





Mr. Anthony Parker

Principal’s Administrative Assistant

Ms. Diane Kaskon


Assistant Principal

Ms. Erica Cole 

Asst. Principal's Administrative Assistant

Ms. Lori Reid


Attendance Office  

Ms. Regina Wong


Student Absence Line 



Ms. Kathy Becker


Art Director

Mr. Chris Fehl

Athletic Director

Mr. Michael McGrath


Bridge Program

Mr. Chris Shutzer


Cafeteria Director

Ms. Tess Sousa


English Department Chair

Ms. Kate Lemons




Foreign Language Director 

Dr. Cortland Mathers

GOAL Program

Ms. Susan Tokay


Guidance Director

Mr. Richard Escobar


Guidance Administrative Assistant

Ms. Chris Wadsworth


History Department Chair

Mr. James Murphy



Ms. Alida Hanson


Main Office All-School Aide

Ms. Theresa Kacoyanis


Mathematics Department Chair

Mr. Jim McLaughlin


METCO Director

Ms. La Toya Rivers


Music Director

Mr. Chris Memoli


Physical Education/Health Director

Mr. Mitchell Finnegan



Ms. Rita Comtois


Science Department Chair

Mr. Larry Murphy


Special Education Department Chair

Mr. Patrick Kelly


Skills Center

Mrs. Wendi Bock

Ms Andrea Caron, BCBA

Ms. Gaby Holand

Mr. Adam Katz

Ms. Cathy Klein

Mr. Seth Wyman

Ms. Sophia Vick



Technology Director

Dr. Lee McCanne

Transportation Coordinator

Mr. Robert Wells


Utilization of School Facilities

Ms. Marcia Cormay





ext 5802

email parkera@weston.org

ext. 5802

email kaskond@weston.org


ext. 5811

email colee@weston.org

ext. 5811

email reidl@weston.org


ext. 5812
email wongr@weston.org




ext. 5830

email beckerk@weston.org


ext. 5895

email fehlc@weston.org


ext. 5845

email mcgrathm@weston.org


ext. 5993

email shutzerc@weston.org


ext. 5295

email sousat@weston.org


ext. 5905

email lemonsk@weston.org






 ext. 5915

email mathersc@weston.org


ext. 5993
email tokays@weston.org


ext. 5820

email escobarr@weston.org


ext. 5821

email wadsworthc@weston.org


ext. 5925

email murphyj@weston.org



email hansona@weston.org


ext. 5803

email kacoyanist@weston.org


ext. 5935

email mclaughlinj@weston.org


ext 5850

email riverst@weston.org


ext. 5945

email memolic@weston.org


ext. 5955

email finneganm@weston.org


ext. 5882

email comtoisr@weston.org


ext. 5965

email murphyl@weston.org


ext. 5943

email kellyp@weston.org



ext. 5928

ext. 8124

ext. 5993


ext 5944


ext. 5972




email mccannel@weston.org



email wellsr@weston.org



email cormaym@weston.org




myGrapevine Information for Parents and Students 
myGrapevine is the electronic communication system for the Weston School System as well as the community.  This is the primary communication vehicle between the schools and parents so it's important for all families to be registered on myGrapevine.


To register in Weston, go to www.westongrapevine.org and create an account.  Follow the instructions to select your personal settings for topics and communications options



Information about the high school can be accessed from the Weston Public Schools website at www.westonschools.org.  In addition to the school calendar for 2013-2014, there are links for athletics, guidance, the library, academic departments, and administration. Teachers post their homework assignments and provide course-related information on the website http://www.homeworknow.com. Math teachers post their assignments and provide course-related information on the website http://www.westonmath.org. School announcements concerning inclement weather are posted on the homepage at www.westonschools.org.


“No School” Days
To find out about “NO SCHOOL” or “DELAYED OPENING” days, in case of snow or other emergencies:  listen to radio stations WBZ-AM (1030), WCRB-FM (102.5), WRKO-AM (680), or WBUR-FM (90.9) or log onto this Weston Public Schools website.

To avoid interfering with emergency calls, do not call the school switchboard or the Police or Fire departments.



 updated 9/10/13

click here to download or view the entire Student Parent Handbook



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