Weston Middle School values and depends on parental involvement.  Student performance is profoundly influenced by parental engagement in the educational process as well as in school life.  Teachers welcome hearing from parents and are available for conferences on the first Wednesday of each month.  In addition, there are several organizations that help parents contribute to the life and administration of the Middle School.

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

The Middle School  PTO is a subcommittee of the Weston PTO.  The MSPTO works closely with teachers to organize parent volunteers.  They also organize meetings that feature speakers, panels and other presentations designed to educate parents about the middle school experience.

The Science Council is subcommittee of the Weston PTO that seeks to support the science curriculum in Weston.

The Creative Arts Council is another curricular enrichment group, which focuses on bringing performances, lecturers and artists to the schools.


The Boston Weston/METCO Parent Organization (BWMPO)

The group consists of elected parent volunteers who work together with the METCO Director and the METCO liasons to assist parents with adjusting to the Weston Schools and transportation issues and/or concerns. The BWMPO holds monthly meetings in Boston to inform parents of current and upcoming events, share information regarding students and METCO Program, and enhance parent interaction. During the school year we also meet with the Weston School Committee and the Weston PTO.

The Weston Middle School Council

The council is a state mandated advisory group whose members are elected each September to represent parents, facutly, students and the community.  Legislatively mandated to review the school budget and disciplinary policies for the Student Handbook, the School Council also advises the principal on other issues related to student life and academics.  The School Council produces a School Improvement Plan each year, which is presented to the School Committee in May for implementation the following year.  Click on the link on the sidebar for more information about the School Council.

Weston Boosters

Weston Boosters is focused on supporting Athletics.  Students are introduced to organized school athletics at Weston Middle School.  The focus at this level is fun and experimentation.

Weston Education Enrichment Fund Committee (WEEFC)

WEEFC is a subcommittee of the School Committee, which is devoted to the enrichment of education throughout the district.  The subcommittee is appointed by the School Committee but volunteers are essential to executing the many activities of the organization.

The Weston Parents’ Advisory Council for Special Education (WestonPAC)

WestonPAC is a group of parents committed to providing advocacy, information, and community connection for Weston families that have a child in public or private schools receiving special education services in Weston.

Weston Friends of Music (WFOM)

This group provides support the the Music Department throughout the district.