Middle School course selection is determined by parents and counselors who work with the principal to establish student schedules.  All 7th and 8th grade students take the core subjects of English, Social studies, Science, Mathematics, Foreign language, and Health and physical education.   (Click on the left for more information about each department.)

Except for students newly enrolled in the school, students will not be allowed to enter full year courses after October 15 of each shool year unless entrance to a course involves a change in course level within a given discipline or subject.  Such a change must be accompanied by written permission of the principal.

Also, middle school students take a series of electives in art, design/construction, technology, drama, dance and music.   (Click on the middle school department listed at the left.) These are scheduled in a rotation of nine-week units in various areas.  The principal establishes the arts rotation schedules..

Middle School Program of Studies 2017-18
Middle School Program of Studies 2016-17