Middle School Wellness

The Wellness Program, Grades 6-8, contains health and physical education courses that are designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to make good health decisions. The program has adopted the Massachusetts Comprehensive Health Curriculum Framework‘s core concepts: health, literacy, health self-management, and health promotion. The goals and objectives of this program are met through the courses in health and physical education.

Curriculum Standards


Course M760   GRADE 6 PHYSICAL EDUCATION   Full Year
Grade 6 physical education will continue many themes addressed in grade 5. There will be an emphasis on team sports, and psychomotor skill acquisition as well as a focus on providing students with a variety of movement experiences. Units offered will include: basketball, soccer, track, gymnastics, and swimming. This course will meet for two periods each week.

Course M761   GRADE 6 HEALTH EDUCATION   Full Year

This course for sixth graders will focus on health education topics. The course will provide students with opportunities to learn more about their physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development, and help them develop health-related refusal and decision-making skills. This course will meet for one period each week.

Course M770   GRADE 7 PHYSICAL EDUCATION   Full Year

Grade 7 physical education will provide the opportunity for students to further develop psychomotor skills and focus on fitness concepts. It will encourage students to begin to explore their personal fitness level, and set goals for improvement. Units included will be conditioning, track, volleyball, gymnastics, and adventure education. This course will meet for three periods each week.

Course M771   GRADE 7 HEALTH EDUCATION   Full Year

Grade 7 Health Education focuses on personal responsibility and healthy decision-making. Students will cover a number of interesting topics including communication skills, violence awareness and prevention, nutrition, stress and anxiety, human sexuality, disease transmission and prevention, alternative and complimentary health practices.

Course M780   GRADE 8 PHYSICAL EDUCATION   Full Year

Grade 8 physical education will begin to transition students from sport activities to individual fitness activities. There remains, however, a number of team sports to improve students‘ psychomotor skills. An emphasis during this year will be placed on trust and cooperation. Units included will be climbing wall, track, swimming, speed/fitness, aquatics, and flag football. This course will meet for three periods each week.

Course M781   GRADE 8 HEALTH EDUCATION   2 Units

This course builds upon the grade 7 health curriculum to assist students with improving the skills necessary to resist initiation of alcohol, tobacco, and drug use behaviors. Other health curriculum topics during these years will include: nutrition education, AIDS/HIV education, and participation in the human sexuality seminar program.