Grade 7 Resources:

This is the middle child, no longer the sixth-grader negotiating locker combinations, winding through the maze of hallways, or jockeying for position in the lunch line. By the seventh grade, students have grown into their role as citizens of the Weston Middle School.

One of the most dramatic changes for students as they cross over into grade seven is the expectation around homework. Students will have homework in every subject almost every night. Teachers do build in “no homework weekends” to honor family time; however, grade seven is the year teachers prepare students for the challenges that lie ahead in grade eight. Teachers reinforce what sixth-graders have learned about managing their agendas and completing homework on time. Additionally, teachers encourage students to become self-advocates and seek help when necessary. Organization and time management are two critical skills that seventh-graders need to acquire in order to juggle the demands of short and long term assignments. Another valuable skill taught in grade seven is note taking, which is reinforced and intertwined throughout every aspect of the curriculum.

Seventh grade marks a year of growth not only academically, but socially as well. As emerging adolescents, social groups and friendships rise to the forefront. Lessons that serve to broaden awareness about relationships are explored in poetry, literature, writing and social studies. The performing and visual arts provide another vehicle for students to express their inner being. The vibrant health curriculum tackles many of the sensitive and critical issues facing seventh-graders in an increasingly complex world. A code of ethics and decorum is continually reinforced as young people grow and change in this pivotal year.
As the seventh-graders move on to grade eight, they are well equipped to forge ahead academically and shine personally.

Open and honest collaboration between home and school is very important to us. The seventh-grade team leaders and guidance counselor are available to address any questions or concerns that parents may have, and look forward to working in partnership with you.

Seventh Grade Office


emails: last name plus initial of first name (no spaces)

Grade Director: Caryn Grozalsky

’24-’25 Grade 7 Counselor: Kari Anne Wye

7th Grade Learning Specialist: Janet McGrath & Matt Cedrone

METCO Academic Liason: Cyril Kakulu

6-8 Grade Aide: Laura Sher

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7th Grade Honors Math

7th Grade Math

Time Management Tips

It’s hard to believe we are half way through the year!  As we move forward it is a good time to revisit time management tips to help ensure that your seventh grader is working effectively.

Time Management

  • Students should use their agenda each day.  They are expected to take the initiative to record daily assignments.
  • Parents should encourage their child to check to verify what they have recorded in the agenda.
  • Encourage your child to advocate for themselves to be sure that they are apprised of upcoming tests, assignments, and projects.
  • For those students who have study halls during the day, they should use this time as opportunity to see teachers for extra help or makeup work.  Additionally, this study hall time should be used to initiate homework.  Study hall time is also an opportunity to use the library for research purposes.
  • When available, students should take advantage of extra help sessions, review sessions and retakes / test corrections when applicable.
  • On nights when homework is lighter, students should review work or plan ahead for long term assignments.
  • Students should review and practice their test taking strategies using their class notes, templates, and study guides provided by their teachers.
  • Parents should provide a calendar at home where students can record long term assignments, tests, and presentation dates.
  • 7th Grade is a year for students to take the initiative to complete work efficiently.  However, parents should continue to monitor homework preparation and organization.