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Purchase Your WMS 2016-2017 Yearbook Before The Deadline

Purchase your WMS 2016-2017 Yearbook

Deadline Tuesday, January 31st

  •  Go to
  • Go to “place an order” and click on “yearbooks”
  • Our school password is “westonwildcats”
  • Check the box for “on-line order”
  • Place your order
  • Be sure to check off your homeroom teacher too!

(If you are buying a yearbook for siblings, please place the orders separately so that  individual homerooms can be checked off.  If not, it will be difficult to hand out yearbooks at the end of the year.)

Cost:  $35 if ordered before Tuesday January 31st

Deadline: Tuesday, January 31st

Please note:  There are two extra options you may want to consider when ordering your book.

1.  You may have your child’s name engraved on his or her book cover for an additional $10.  (This is highly recommended)

2.  You may order a CD of the entire yearbook for an additional $15.

Look for these options as you walk through the online ordering process.

Amanda Gaspar, Yearbook Advisor (