A letter from Principal, John Gibbons, regarding Back to School Night on 10/21

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is hard to believe that we are preparing for a virtual Back To School Night!  Coming together for this event each year has been a high point for us and this year we will do so in a new format.  Here is what to expect:

1. Our  BTSN has been created to provide an opportunity for you to hear from your child’s teachers.  Typically, we would have you visit our classrooms following their actual schedules in person.  This year we will do so virtually.    From 5:30-5:40, Mr. Oates, Nurse Schwerzler and I will open the evening with a brief welcome.  Here is the general time schedule for the rest of the evening:

5:45-5:55   Strategies/ELE Teachers

6:00-6:55   Arts/Music/Wellness/World Language

7:00-7:55   English/Math/Science/Social Studies

8:00-8:10   Phonology, Social Skills

The specific schedule you will follow for that evening will be completed on October 21st, the day of our BTSN, by your child in their 12:00-12:30 Advisory class, guided by their advisory teacher.  Once students complete their schedules, they will make copies of it and email one to  you. (Please be sure to share your email with your child so they can complete this task and you will have their schedule.)  Using your child’s schedule, you will follow their sequence of classes for our BTSN and join the corresponding Zoom teacher link.  (As a back-up, you can also refer to your child’s Infinite Campus schedule and transpose their classes into the time slots.)

2. ZOOM Links for Classes: Each teacher will have one Zoom link for their class sessions.  You will receive an email from me  with each teacher’s Zoom link at 4:00 P.M. on Wednesday, October 21st.  This document should be used by you to access your child’s classes at the appropriate times in their schedule.  You will need to have your child’s schedule handy and the zoom links at the same time.

3. Format of Teacher Presentations:  Teachers will use one of two possible formats for BTSN.  They will have a Zoom live presentation during your allotted time slot for their class or teachers will make a pre-recorded video for you and share it in advance.  Then, they will be available for a Q and A during the class time slot with you.

4.  Tech Support:   We will have technical support available for you during BTSN, and more information about this will be sent out on Monday.

We hope you can join us on Wednesday, October 21st for our BTSN!  This will be a first for all of us and we look forward to sharing all the wonders of our school with you in this virtual format.  It’s the first time I will not have to discuss parking limitations for the evening!


John Gibbons