Seeking Parent Advisors for Class of 2025

Looking for an opportunity to work closely with the Class of 2025 students? If so, please consider being a class Parent Advisor! Parent Advisors are appointed by the high school PTO Co-Chairs at the end of 8th grade to serve a minimum of two, and preferably four years until graduation. PAs should commit to the position for at least two years with the option to stay on for the third and fourth year.  Parent Advisors work closely over the four years of high school with elected class officers and two Faculty Advisors. Parent Advisors meet weekly, typically on Wednesday mornings, to mentor student leaders as they take increasing responsibility for planning and carrying out social events, community service and fundraising activities for their class while building a sense of school spirit and community in their graduating class. Parent Advisors from all four grades meet monthly with the PTO Chairs and Student Activities Director to provide information exchange and support. Past Parent Advisors have said this position to be one of their most rewarding.

For more information or to submit your name for consideration, please contact HS PTO Co-Chairs: Gail Palmer & Stephanie Goldstein.

Please include your past and current involvement in our community and schools, along with the ages of your children and any other information you wish for us to consider.

Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you.

Parent advisors:

  • meet weekly with class officers and faculty advisors, current schedule is on Wednesday mornings at 7AM
  • attend all class meetings (usually 1st Wednesday of each month) and all-school assemblies
  • serve as chaperones at class events
  • meet monthly with the Chair and Co-Chair of the WHS PTO, parent advisors from all other classes, and the High School Student Activities Coordinator (current schedule is 7am on the 2nd Wednesday of each month)
  • communicate regularly with parents (usually via PTO email/message board system) and involve other parents in class activities

Weston High School-Parent Advisor Responsibilities:

  • Participation: Promote student leadership and encourage the involvement of the entire class in class events, projects, and fundraisers
  • Community Involvement: Foster community involvement by recruiting parents to assist with chaperoning class events and engaging in volunteer work
  • Guidance: Assist the class and its elected officers in carrying out activities which bring the class together
  • Meetings: Meet regularly with class officers and faculty advisors as well as to attend the monthly PTO Parent Advisor Meeting with Parent Advisors, the Director of Student Activities, and the PTO Chairpersons in an effort to maintain an updated record of class events/fundraisers
  • Awareness: Keep up on major events occurring at the High School
  • Communication: To communicate regularly with class Faculty Advisors to discuss student/parent concerns and issues surrounding class events, fundraisers and projects
  • Chaperones: Serve as chaperones at all class events