Join the Annual Chinese New Year Celebration Saturday 2/13 2pm -3:30pm

The WPS Mandarin classes will have their annual Chinese New Year Celebration on Saturday February 13, 2021. We will have student’s performances, Chinese food, and other cultural activities. You are welcome to join us!

What: Weston Public School Chinese New Year Celebration
Date: Saturday, Feb. 13
Time: 2:00 – 3:30 P.M.

Meeting ID: 851 8354 6567

Part I Performances:
6年级 6th Grade 新年歌曲 Chinese New Year Song

7年级 7th Grade 国家城市介绍 Exploring the World

8年级 8th Grade 原创短剧: 我的一天 Skit: My School Life During Pandemic

有奖互动游戏 Live Kahoot Game with Prizes

9年级 9th Grade 原创短剧:新年习俗 Skit: New Year Custom

10年级 10th Grade 原创短剧: 准备达人秀 Skit: Preparing for a Talent Show

11年级 11th Grade 原创短剧:当代十二生肖寻宝大赛 Skit: The Great Contemporary Race (Retell the Zodiac Story)

11年级 11th Grade Hailey Chau 扇子舞 Fan Dance

12 年级 12th Grade 朱双表演小提琴 Lucas Zhu: Violin

Part II Breakout Room Activities

1. Origami (please prepare several pieces of square paper)

2. Calligraphy (RSVP, 30 person limit, come to the High School to get paint brush and ink on Friday Feb. 12 from 12:50 to 1:20 pm or prepare your own)

3. Dumpling Making (RSVP, 20 person limit, come to High School to pick up dumpling wrappers on Friday Feb. 12 from 12:50 to 1:20 pm or prepare your own)