WMS Disc Golf Course

Did you know Weston Middle School has it’s very own Disc Golf Course? Do you also know there is a disc golf club? Well now you do!

Disc Golf will meet Tuesday, Wednesday  and Thursday at 3:30 near the athletic field gate just past the MS basketball courts. Mr. Fehl will have everything you need  to learn how to play this super fun sport. We will play until about 4:15pm so you won’t have any problems catching the late bus. If the weather is bad we will meet in the MS cafeteria and practice putting and other form work.

Disc Golf at Weston?!?
Wildcat Woods DISC GOLF course is now ready to play on the Weston High School and Middle School campus! What is disc golf? It is similar to golf with “tees” and “pars” but instead of using clubs, players throw discs or specialized frisbees to try to get their disc in the basket in the fewest number of throws.

Course design began during the first WHS June Academy about 5 years ago and thanks to the vision and generosity of WEEFC, our rough 9-hole temporary course is now a very nice permanent 12-hole course. Hole 1 is located behind the HS near the covered walkway and play continues out to the edge of the WHS/MS campus, through the woods and around the athletic fields, and back to the start.

Disc Golf can be played solo, in pairs, or in small groups with equal enjoyment. It is also a game that welcomes all ages, abilities and experience levels, as you compete mostly with yourself and try to match the demands of the course and the elements. Even though there are many different discs for distance and flight characteristics you only need one or maybe two discs to start.

Email Chris Fehl at fehlc@weston.org for more information or Wildcat Woods DG Website.