MS Dismissal Policy

MS Attendance Line: 781-786-5299

Dismissal Policy Reminder:

  • If a student is to be dismissed during the school day, they should bring a note from home signed by a parent/guardian with the time of dismissal and give it to the homeroom teacher or the main office staff that morning. We will not dismiss students without a note or a phone call. In the event of an unplanned dismissal, we require a phone call from the parent/guardian to verify the dismissal plans. If two or more students are going home with one parent, each student should have a note from home stating the situation. Any dismissed student needs to check out with the main office as they exit the building. Students who return to school after a dismissal should check back in through the main office for a re-entry pass.
  • Please remember to call our attendance line if your student is going to be absent. *
    • MS Attendance: Parents/guardians should call 781-786-5299 and select 2 at the prompt for the MS Attendance Line. Please use this line to keep us informed of absences, planned dismissals and tardiness. For unplanned dismissals we ask that you call the main office directly 10 minutes before you arrive so that we can have your student waiting by the door.
  • Reminder doors open at 8:35am please do not arrive before then.