The Weston Public Schools provides a comprehensive student transportation program with a long track record of safe, efficient travel between home and schools; schools and field-trip sites; and schools and athletic contest sites. Buses are an extension of the school environmental and all drivers and passengers are expected to maintain the same high standards of behavior that are required in the classroom.

Open communication is critical to ensuring all standards are met. The Bus Concern Form is intended to facilitate the communication of transportation related concerns to school officials. Reports submitted here will be forwarded electronically to a predetermined list of school officials and, if serious matters of safety are involved, to local enforcement agencies.

All concerns will be investigated within two school days, after which you will be notified of the status of the response. If a concern leads to disciplinary measures against a student or staff person, please be aware that this information may be confidential and you will be notified only that the matter has been resolved.

Note: A form to submit your concerns is located below. An asterick (*) indicates a required field.