Please click here to access the 2023 MCAS report presented to School Committee on October 30, 2023 by Dr. Kimo Carter, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching & Learning.

MCAS 2023-2024 School Year Testing Schedule

    ELA  March 26 and March 27
    Math May 21 and May 22
Biology and Introductory Physics – Next Generation

(for Grades 9 and above)

Physics – June 4 and June 5
ELA  Grade 3, April 10 and April 11

Grades 4-5, April 8 and April 9

Grades 6-8 April 23 and April 24

Mathematics  Grade 3, May 17 and May 20

Grades 4-5, May 6 and May 7

Grades 6-8, May 8 and May 9

STE  Grade 5, May 15 and May 16

Grade 8, May 15 and May 16

Civics Grade 8, May 29 and May 30

2022 MCAS Report

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2020 MCAS were not administered due to COVID-19

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2016 MCAS & PARCC* Report

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*PARCC – Performance Based Assessment (PBA)

As part of Massachusetts’ two-year “test drive” of PARCC, the Department asked school districts to choose whether to administer MCAS or PARCC tests in English Language Arts and Mathematics to students in grades 3-8 spring 2015; and later in 2015, the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education voted for the state to adopt PARCC for spring 2016.  For 2017, PARCC was eliminated and MCAS 2.0 was implemented.  Based upon the “legacy” MCAS and similar in format to PARCC, MCAS 2.0  is untimed and will be administered on computers to assess the Massachusetts learning standards.  Students will have access to the time they need to complete the assessment. MCAS 2.0 assesses English Language Arts (ELA) and Math, only. Science assessments are as they have been in the past, on paper and based upon “legacy” MCAS.

*=Science, Technology/Engineering Tests

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