Office Hours

Each month during the school year, School Committee members make themselves available for the general public to meet and hear community concerns.  This school year’s schedule is:

Month Member Day Time
September Maija Gooch Sept. 28 9:00 am
October Adam Newman Oct. 23 8:00 pm
November Jeff Lucas Nov. 14 7:00 pm
December Attia Linnard Dec. 16 7:30 pm
January Ken Newberg Jan. 17 7:00 pm
February Attia Linnard Feb. 8 7:30 pm
March Ken Newberg Mar. 27 10:00 am
 April Maija Gooch Apr. 9 11:00 am
May Jeff Lucas May 7 7:00 pm

These office hours are planned for Zoom.  You can join any of the above meetings at the designated time by clicking the name of the School Committee member or by clicking this link:

Can’t Attend Office Hours?

School Committee members are also available via e-mail, individual meetings at Case House, or group meetings with two members depending on availability.  To contact the School Committee, you may reach out to any of the below addresses:

Full School Committee:

Attia Linnard:

Ken Newberg (Chair):

Maija Gooch (Vice Chair):

Jeff Lucas:

Adam Newman: