Our annual budget is raised solely through membership dues. We urge all families with children attending the Weston Public Schools to join the PTO each year.  Membership helps to support the many events and activities our volunteers help organize for each of the five schools in the district including parent education events and guest speakers, community outreach drives, teacher/staff appreciation events, and class and grade level activities fostering connection and community within the grade.

There is no obligation to volunteer or attend meetings.  One of the wonderful things about joining the PTO is that families decide how they wish to participate.  Some families choose to volunteer on the board, in the classroom, or at events, while others choose to simply purchase a membership.  We take great pride in the strength of our PTO and encourage you to learn more about our programs and get involved in any of the many volunteer opportunities that work with your interests and schedule.

WEEFC is a sub-committee of the School Committee and the fundraising arm for the district.  Dollars donated to WEEFC help support programming and resources that would otherwise fall outside the annual school budget.  The PTO often provides volunteers to help source and execute the WEEFC-funded curriculum, such as visiting artists, authors and performers.  In such cases WEEFC and  PTO work collaboratively.  However, there are many WEEFC grants that do not involve the PTO and there are many PTO events and activities that are not funded by WEEFC, but instead funded by PTO membership dollars.
When you join or renew your PTO membership, you will have the opportunity to view and select volunteer opportunities in Membership Toolkit at that time.  Throughout the school year each of the schools will have opportunities seeking volunteers for various tasks. These are usually communicated through the school PTO chairs or room parents in the elementary schools and class parents in the middle and high schools.