Mask Mandate Through November 5th

Dear Weston School Community,

The Weston Board of Health decided today to keep in place the mask mandate K-12 through the first week in November.  We support this decision.

  • Despite the best efforts and forward planning by our school medical professionals the rollout of the state CIC testing program for Weston and many other communities across the Commonwealth has been fraught with problems, none of which is in the control of the districts. We still do not have the training, full access to state portals or the personnel to put into place a robust testing platform that would help to mitigate potential adverse effects once a mask mandate was lifted. Such a testing program is what has had a positive impact on universities and the private sector who have allowed for a lifting of a mask mandate.
  • If in the future, working with the Weston Board of Health, if we were able to lift the mask mandate, then we would ask that we have a much higher percentage of students at the High School participating in the free testing program. This week 9.7% of the High School participated in testing.  In order to keep our community safe while unmasked, we would need that number to be closer to 60% weekly so we could more accurately track the number of positive cases and take the necessary steps to decrease the spread of the virus throughout our community and keep as many of our students in school for 180 days as possible.

Although the High School vaccination rate is over 80 % and we commend students and families for their efforts, the district has significant hesitation to go maskless indoors at any time before early November. This is because of the state’s inability to provide a vigorous testing program that they had assured districts would be in place weeks ago. 

We continue as a district leadership team to work closely with Michele Schuckel, Kelly Pawluczonek and the Weston Board of Health. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding while we navigate through this complex and ever-changing landscape.



Midge Connolly, Superintendent of Schools

Jamy Gaynor, Director of Health Services