1. What does your program look like?

Program Description:

Weston Windows currently offers an integrated preschool environment that can provide a high level of support for children with the greatest level of need. All our classrooms offer inclusive educational experiences by welcoming students with and without disabilities. Our integrated model works to benefit all children.

Our developmentally-appropriate preschool classrooms support both children with special needs and children who are developing at a typical pace and recognizes each child’s strengths, individual needs, pace and style of learning.

Establishing a collaborative relationship with families is the most effective way to create the best possible experience for each child. We currently have two classrooms housed at the Country School and two classrooms housed at the Woodland School. Staffing and supports vary given the needs of any given cohort of students, but include: A Lead Preschool Teacher, Learning Assistants and Aides, and staff who provide related services (Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, behavioral supports)

2. How do you identify students with special needs?

Child Find Process:

Our preschool is a special education program. We work with the private preschools in Weston to provide consultation upon request. Those schools, along with parents and other agencies may make a referral for a child for whom they feel may be experiencing some difficulties. When a referral is made, the parent or provider is asked to contact the Office of Student Services at Case House to discuss any concerns they have regarding a child’s development. Students are screened and evaluated within our inter-disciplinary team approach to determine if they have areas of need and require specialized support.

Weston Windows also works with Riverside Community Early Intervention agency in transitioning Weston resident students with special needs into our program when they turn age 3.

3. What IEP services do you offer and how do I make a referral?

IEP Services:

Weston Windows provides students who are found eligible for special education services an Individualized Education Program, IEP, for services in the determined area(s) of need. This is a Team decision and the IDEA and Massachusetts Regulations are strictly adhered to when determining eligibility and services. You can access these regulations on the Massachusetts Special Education Website, click here.

4. What are the registration and wait list procedures for the school year?

Wait List and Registration Procedures

Parents can contact Betty DaSilva (781-786-5381), to discuss Wait list and Registration procedures.

Registration for each fall session occurs once a slot has been offered from the Wait List.

5. What are your hours and the tuition rate?


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8:45-12:45.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday parents can choose the option of a “Stay-day.” The students would stay until 2:30 those 4 days.


2017 – 2018 School Year Tuition

Full Year Program = $8,275

Stay Day Rate = $1,275 per session

Session 1 runs September through January.

Session 2 runs February through June.

Billing for the program will be on a monthly basis, 30 days in advance. The Weston Windows Preschool program does not offer scholarships. If you have questions about payment, please contact the Business Office at 781-786-5230. Failure to make timely payments will result in the placement being rescinded.

6. How do you assign students to classes?

Class Assignment Process:

Each year in the spring,  the Weston Windows Team of teachers and support staff all work together in making the most appropriate placements for each child. There are many factors that come into the discussion when creating a class. We try to take into account a variety of information. There are more topics involved in our discussion, but are not limited to:

  • Age range of the class
  • Boy/Girl ratio
  • Student strengths and needs

7. Who are the staff  in each classroom?

Current Faculty and Staff:

Woodland School: Busy Bees

Jeanne Melanson – Lead Teacher

Lisa George-Cox – Learning Assistant

Clary Bestor-Williams – Instructional Aide

Woodland School: Friendly Fish

Lanie Shute – Lead Teacher

Pam Sanderson – Learning Assistant

Mardi Faurreau – Instructional Aide


Heather Spicer – Physical Therapist

Maxine Haron & Joan Bero – Occupational Therapist

Debra Stein – Speech and Language Pathologist

Country School: Happy Hoppers

Nellie O’Malley – Lead Teacher

Jenny Tullos – Learning Assistant

Carol Landry – Instructional Aide

Alexia McDonald – Instructional Aide

Country School: Friendly Flyers

Juliann (Mellen) Jowaisas – Lead Teacher

Jean  Valle– Learning Assistant

Nora Webster – Instructional Aide


Chelsey Ouellette – Physical Therapist

Ginger Pocher – Occupational Therapist

Ellen Carlisle – Speech and Language Pathologist

Country School Telephone:  781-786-5400

Woodland School Telephone:  781-786-5300

Case House Student Services Telephone:  781-786-5240  Fax:  781-786-5249