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Weston Public Schools Ethics of Care

First and foremost, we are going through a time of crisis. Students, families, and educators are hurting, and it seems like things are going to get worse before they get better. Our School from Home program is not typical homeschooling, nor is it online education or distance learning. Rather, School from Home could be renamed as “School When We’re At Home in a Crisis.”

With regular school, we consider a lot of ethical guidelines when making decisions: care, learning, justice, equity, freedom/autonomy. When we are in crisis, the Ethic of Care supersedes all others when we make decisions.

Weston’s School from Home: Take care of yourself, others and our community

Weston Public Schools and the wider community are committed to excellence in learning for all students. Students will imagine, reflect, and innovate within a safe learning environment that develops their academic, social, and emotional growth and well-being.

We will build the critical thinking and collaboration skills necessary to participate positively in a complex and constantly changing, culturally diverse world.

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Approved by Weston School Committee on March 26, 2018 as part of District Strategic Plan

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