Visioning and Planning Team & Homework Working Group

Over the course of the fall and winter, two important committees will work to enhance the student experience in the Weston Public Schools.

We are pleased to announce and thank the following people who have been chosen to serve as committee members this year:

Planning Team (Visioning and Planning)

Chair:   Midge Connolly, Superintendent


Sue Bairstow, High School History Teacher
Kathy Baker, Director of World Languages
Kate Benson, Country/Woodland Technology Integration Specialist
Amy Black, Country School Adjustment Counselor
Susan Erickson, Elementary Science/Social Studies Specialist
Cyril Kakula, Middle School METCO Academic Liaison
Jill Looney, Woodland School Grade 3 Teacher
Jen Lynch, Field School Special Education Teacher
Chris Memoli, Director of Music
Jenna Poras, Field School Grade 4 Teacher
La Toya Rivers, METCO Director, HS METCO Academic Liaison
Jennifer Sundstrom, Middle School Grade 6 Science Teacher

Veronica Barber
Barbie Cobb
Daniel Colli
Rich Kneece
Christen Lacey
Lisa Schwallie

John McKenzie
Chris Houston

Danielle Black, School Committee

Lori Likis, Consultant

Jen Truslow, Director of Student Services
Abbie Lareau, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning
Cindy Mahr, Assistant Superintendent of Finance & Operations
Pamela Bator, Assistant Superintendent of District Advancement
Anthony Parker, High School Principal
Erin Maguire, Country School Principal


Homework Working Group

Chair:  Pamela Bator, Asst. Superintendent

Trevor Glode, Country School Grade 3 Teacher
Maria Morong, Country & Woodland School ESL Teacher
Caryn Grozalsky, Middle School World Language Teacher
Brenda Hagan, High School English Teacher
Robin Wanosky, High School History Teacher
Abbie Lareau, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning
Ann Zernicke, Assistant Director of Student Services
Kelly Flynn, High School Assistant Principal
John Gibbons, Middle School Principal

Lynn Song Brown
Kelly Ford
Jill Lenhardt
Anita Raman
Julie Townsend
Stacey Zawel
Alison Zetterquist

John Henry, School Committee

The Planning Team and the Homework Working Group are just two committee opportunities.  For those who were not selected at this time, please know there will be other ways to contribute to the work.


Midge Connolly and Pam Bator