Strategic Planning and Visioning: Visioning Protocol

Over the course of the fall, numerous groups have participated in a three-question visioning protocol as part of the Planning for Success model of strategic planning. All the data gathered from these workshops have been used (and will continue to be used) to determine common themes and as a way to listen to and hear from the diverse voices of our community – within the schools, the district, and beyond. Once the common themes have been identified, the next step in the Planning for Success process will be to draft a set of strategic objectives. This work will occur over the upcoming weeks.

The three questions used in the Planning for Success process are based upon and adapted from Scott Murphy’s protocol found within the School Reform Initiative: Future Protocol (also known as “Back to the Future”). In small groups, the following questions are asked and answered using the verb tenses defined in the protocol:

  1. What does Weston Public Schools look like, sound like, feel like today (2022)? (PRESENT TENSE)
  2. What did Weston Public Schools look like before (2017)? (PAST TENSE)
  3. How did Weston Public Schools become what it is today (2022)? (PAST TENSE)

It is important to note that all the data gathered during the visioning process will continue to inform action steps after the strategic plan has been completed – especially in regards to the third question (“How did we become what it is today?“).

Here are the 14 stakeholder groups who have participated in the visioning work to date:

Families/Students/Community Groups:

  • PTO Board
  • Country School: School Council
  • Field School: School Council
  • Woodland School: School Council
  • Boston Families
  • Community (and Parents) (October 16-17)
  • Planning Team
  • Students (grades 9-12)


  • Administrative Leadership Team
  • Leadership Academy
  • Country School Faculty
  • Field School Faculty
  • Woodland School Faculty
  • Weston Middle School Faculty

The following groups will embark on this work over the next week or so:

  • Weston High School Faculty
  • Families of English language learners