Homework Committee Members

The charge of the committee is to consider the current homework policy and practices as well as collect current data from faculty, students, and families with the goal of proposing an updated policy for school committee consideration that outlines the most effective and beneficial experiences for our students.

Thank you to the following volunteers who have met throughout the fall and winter:

Trevor Glode, Country School Grade 3 Teacher
Maria Morong, Country & Woodland School ESL Teacher
Caryn Grozalsky, Middle School World Language Teacher
Brenda Hagan, High School English Teacher
Robin Wanosky, High School History Teacher
Abbie Lareau, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning
Anne Zernicke, Assistant Director of Student Services
Kelly Flynn, High School Assistant Principal
John Gibbons, Middle School Principal

Kelly Ford
Jill Lenhardt
Anita Raman
Julie Townsend
Stacey Zawel
Alison Zetterquist

School Committee Member:
John Henry


Pamela Bator, Assistant Superintendent of District Advancement