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Mental Health Essentials for Parents & Caregivers

Save the date!  In collaboration with Weston Wellness Education and the Weston PTO, we will be hosting “Mental Health Essentials for Parents & Caregivers,” on May 23 at 7:00 p.m, located in the WHS Library.  This 1.5-hour workshop for parents & caregivers and delivered by experienced clinicians will explore strategies to include mental health as […]

Social-Emotional Learning: Examples from Our Schools

We talk often in the Weston Public Schools about the importance of social-emotional learning, or “SEL.” Our Strategic Plan includes a Vision of developing our students’ “academic, social, and emotional growth and holistic well-being.” But what is SEL? Why does it matter? How does it look different for very young learners than for adolescents?   The […]

Weekly Update #4 on Interim Superintendent Search

Dear Weston School Community, Last night on behalf of the Weston School Committee Interim Superintendent Screening Subcommittee, Field School Principal Dan Green announced three exciting finalists to move to the final phase of the interim superintendent search. Moving forward, in alphabetical order, the School Committee will consider the following finalists:    Mr. John Gibbons, current […]

Middle School Principal Search Update

On March 2, 2023, we officially launched our search for the next Principal of Weston Middle School. We were fortunate to receive a very strong applicant pool, and after an initial review, we invited seven candidates to participate in a phone interview. The phone interviews helped us identify four top candidates, all of whom are […]

Weekly Update #3 on Interim Superintendent Search

Dear Weston School Community, Below is the promised, brief, weekly update provided on behalf of the interim superintendent screening subcommittee, which consists of Field School Principal Dan Green, School Committee Chair Ken Newberg, and School Committee Member Attia Linnard. Based on criteria discussed at the School Committee’s meeting on March 13, the subcommittee has since reviewed […]

Weekly Update #2 on Interim Superintendent Search

Dear Weston School Community,  In my update on March 15, 2023, where I committed to keeping our school community informed about our progress, I described the School Committee’s interim superintendent search process. Here is the next weekly update announcing one significant change: the next meeting of the Weston School Committee, where finalist candidates will be […]

Weekly Update on the Interim Superintendent Search

Dear Weston School Community, I wanted to update you on the interim superintendent search. Before moving on to the interim search process, I wanted to assure the community that regardless of who ultimately is named interim superintendent – the School Committee will hire a third-party organization to lead a full-scale search for our next permanent […]