Email protocol:

Dr. Marguerite (Midge)
Dr. J. Kimo CarterAsst. Superintendent of Teaching &
Sheri MatthewsAsst. Superintendent for Finance &
Jennifer TruslowDirector of Student
Dr. Lee McCanneDirector of Technology & School
Tim HeaveyDirector of Human
Amy KellyDirector of District

Case House Administrative Building, 89 Wellesley Street.
Case House is currently undergoing renovations.  During the renovation project, administrative offices are as follows:  Superintendent and Office of
Teaching and Learning are at Field School; Business Office, Human Resources, Bookkeeping, and Student Services are at Woodland School;
Technology and Office of District Advancement are at Country School; Facilities Dept. is at Fiske Office Building in the center of Town.  All telephone numbers remain the same.  There are external doors near each administrative office so that visitors do not go through the schools.

K-12 Department Directors

Weston High School, 444 Wellesley Street

Christopher FehlVisual
Mitch FinneganHealth and Physical
Kathy BakerWorld
La Toya

6-12 Department Heads

Weston High School, 444 Wellesley Street

Marla SchayGuidance781-786-5820
Dr. Kerry DunneHistory/Social
Dr. Stephen RibisiScience and
Pat KellySpecial

Elementary School Specialists

Katharine OdellReading and WritingCountry School, 2 Alphabet
Dr. Susan EricksonScience and Social StudiesField School, 16 Alphabet
Tracy ManousaridisMathematicsWoodland School, 10 Alphabet

WPS Resource Officers

Officer Andrew Gribbons

Officer Lindsey Arsenault