Country School Guidance Department

As the School Adjustment Counselor at Country School, I am someone who knows all of the children in the building.  I am always available to children, parents and teachers, to offer support or resources.  I meet and check-in with students in a variety of ways.  Every day, I see students in lunch groups, with the goal of helping children strengthen social skills, self-advocacy skills, and social problem-solving skills.  Additionally, I chair the SST (Support Services Team) in our building, which meets weekly to collaborate about students’ academic, social, emotional, or behavioral needs.

I am our school consultant for the Open Circle program, which is taught in every classroom K-3, to teach social thinking and social problem-solving skills to all students.  For more information on the Open Circle program, click here.

I am readily available to speak and meet with parents.  Please feel free to call or email with any questions or concerns regarding your child(ren).

School Adjustment Counselor

Amy Black

Tel: 781 786-5408