Science & Social Studies in the Elementary Schools


kids looking through a microscope and discovering things

Our standards-based science program has been developed with clearly articulated and developmentally appropriate learning goals for each grade. The K-5 Science scope and sequence includes specific topics in all three major areas of science (Earth, Life, and Physical) and provides hands-on inquiry experiences for our students. The program has been designed to build on concepts covered at previous grades by offering more challenging experiences and integration of new concepts at every level. Weston elementary students also have numerous enrichment activities in science.

Through the generosity of WEEFC and PTO’s Science and Math Council, we have obtained some remarkable science equipment such as the StarLab planetarium, GPS units, and classroom stereoscopes.  We also enrich the classroom experiences with place-based education (e.g., Land’s Sake Farm) and with content-specific presentations from expert scientists.

Social Studies


In Weston, we are committed to providing a strong foundation for our students in order for them to become invested and committed citizens in both our global and local communities.  We have embraced process standards for our students, which are experienced through a variety of hands-on, minds-on, critical thinking units of study.  Elementary students of all ages are engaged in developmentally appropriate research, analysis of data, perspective-taking, application of cause and effect, and practice of the rights of citizenship.

In our K-5 classrooms, teachers are facilitators of the Open Circle curriculum.  This social competency program helps children develop problem solving skills and the ability to interact appropriately in a group setting. As part of the social studies curriculum, Open Circle allows our students to practice making informed decisions and experience what it means to be involved in a democracy.