Science & Social Studies in the Elementary Schools

Dr. Susan Erickson

Elementary Science & Social Studies Curriculum Specialist




kids looking through a microscope and discovering things

Elementary Science

Our science curriculum, centered around Case Campus, is based on the 2016 Massachusetts Science and Technology/Engineering Curriculum Framework.  Each grade level focuses on a particular area of the campus to serve as an expert.  In addition to grade level specific content standards in Life Science, Earth & Space Science, Physical Science and Technology/Engineering , each grade also focuses on the Science & Engineering Practices.  The practices focus on knowledge building and articulate the range of ways scientists and engineers  engage in their work.  The students’ classroom experiences are also enriched through partnerships with organizations such as the Field Conservation Group from Zoo New England, the Caterpillar Lab, Massachusetts Audubon Society and Land’s Sake Farm.

Social Studies


 Social Studies

In 2018, Massachusetts released a new History & Social Sciences Curriculum Framework, emphasizing the change from being more information driven to more inquiry based by also using practice standards.  In Weston, we are committed to providing our students with a strong foundation in order for our students to become invested and committed citizens in both our global and local communities. Our K-5 Social Studies curriculum is focused on developing critical thinking skills, evaluating a topic from multiple perspectives and integrating learning across multiple content areas. We also look to develop further connections with place-based learning to further enhance our students’ learning experiences.